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Gallery Winter

Winter 2011 Cover

It is that time of year again, when the days are shorter and colder and staying warm is a priority. Welcome to this edition of Gallery where we show you how your home can be a cosy winter oasis!

We introduce you to amazing products from smart bathroom heaters to the latest in kitchen appliances from Germany that not only look good but have superb functional features. There are great options for heating the home from innovative heating panels to new fireplace designs that will leave you spellbound.

You will be wowed by the latest in paints that make both a performance and fashion statement! Tiles are also making an impact from enormous individual pieces to tiny mosaics that pack a powerful presence.

There is no better time to feel confident and excited about new products and services offered by Home Option Gallery. See the Home Option Gallery through the eyes of a very happy client who loved seeing the ideas he had for his dream home become a reality.

At Home Option Gallery we believe affordable comfort is the key to an enjoyable winter so sit back, relax and be inspired.

  • Steelspan offer Home garage storage solutions

    If you’re ready to get that garage in order and have a place to put all those hard to store household items then the Home Option Gallery has the ideal solution. The Home Option Gallery has just welcomed to its showroom a new garage storage solution by Steelspan Storage Systems.

  • JELD-WEN Australia windows Instant street appeal

    The right windows are determined by the way you live. Most homeowners purchase windows only once or twice in their lifetime and selecting the right windows can have a lasting impact on the quality of your life in your home.

  • Corinthian Doors Sunburst Entrance Door First impressions count

    Your mother always told you: first impressions are very important. The same applies to your home. Street appeal is one of the main attraction points that entices a prospective buyer to walk through your front door.

  • Lopi Fireplaces the Diamond Fyre Fireplaces are a flaming good idea

    Functional and fantastic to look at. There is no doubt that a fireplace has a functional role in any room but with the latest range of wood and gas fireplaces showcased by Lopi, it is obvious that their aesthetic appeal is just as impressive.

  • Origin Energy Smart heating choice

    It’s that time of the year again: the time for winter woollies, rugging up and spending more on your heating bill.

  • SunnyHeat infrared heating SunnyHeat, a heating system with benefits

    SunnyHeat is the leading, international brand for infrared heating panel systems that can efficiently heat your whole house or just individual rooms like your bathroom.

  • Di Lorenzo, the experts in tiles What’s IN for tiles?

    Di Lorenzo, the experts in tiles discuss the latest trends

  • Airflow Sunshine bathroom heater Summer warmth all year round

    It’s winter, it’s cold and damp, misty and foggy... Except in a bathroom that has an Airflow Sunshine 3-in-1 model. This innovative product provides your bathroom with fresh air, bright light and gentle radiant heat in one compact and stylish design.

  • Baumatic appliances Performance and presentation

    The dual role of kitchen appliances. Selecting the right appliances can really make or break the aesthetic and functional appeal of your kitchen.

  • Taubmans Endure Find your perfect colour scheme

    Exploring new colour trends and themes. Every season, new colour trends and themes emerge from the woodwork that entice men and women across Australia to revamp their homes.

  • Frys Energywise Save $299* off your annual home energy bill

    News headlines persistently nominate rising electricity prices as a major concern for families juggling their household budgets. With a looming carbon tax expected to make electricity prices even more expensive, it makes sense to seek guaranteed advice on how to take control of your bills now.

  • Nicholls Solar Power Generation power

    Modern home design is taking advantage of the Australian sun’s unlimited resource to take back control of energy bills and to add value to the home.

  • Home Option Gallery Home Option Gallery is making an impression

    Building a home and making all the right choices is easy at Home Option Gallery, just ask Mr Manu Singh. He is building a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom double storey home and thanks to expert advice and quality products to choose from, Mr Singh has peace of mind that his home will suit him for many years to come.