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Gallery Winter

Winter Edition 2009 Cover

Winter is a time to love your home

In a world where forces beyond our control impact our everyday lives, like the magic roundabout of financial markets, we tend to cherish the place where we feel happy and safe, our homes. And nothing feels more comforting than the welcome warmth of a home in winter.

In this issue of Gallery we take you through the process of choosing all the finishes, furnishings, colours and materials for the exterior and interior of a new home with one of our Complete Home Consultants. We also get you thinking about the benefits of modern fireplace design and rainwater tanks. We help you get organised in the kitchen, look at paint products that help to keep your home healthy and options to create gorgeous bathrooms and staircases.

Please read through the featured articles below - we hope you find inspiration to put your design ideas into action.

  • Be warm, look good... feel good

    Australians have fallen in love with fireplaces all over again leading to a major trend back to embracing fireplaces in the home. Innovations in heating technology and design have increased the versatility and range of options for fireplaces, and made them less expensive to purchase, install and operate. What’s not to love.

  • ladder If only the walls could talk

    In the midst of the excitement of dressing up the interior of your home with gorgeous paint colours, you may not always consider the contribution innovative paint products can make to the health of your home.

  • bathroom Gorgeous bathrooms for you to relax in

    Home Option Gallery is constantly evolving to ensure it can provide its clients with everything the home needs and is very pleased to announce the arrival of Cooks Plumbing in its showroom.

  • Kitchen Real beauty is on the inside

    Some kitchens are good, but only a well planned kitchen can be truly beautiful in both aesthetics and function. To get the most out of your kitchen it has to be perfectly organised.

  • stairs Step up and create a unique look

    Why limit yourself to playing the old standards when you could write your own tune? Modern project home design now allows much greater flexibility to accommodate individual design choices for the home, including staircases.

  • garage Your garage door, your outdoor feature wall

    A great looking garage door can go a long way to making a positive first impression. The wrong one can do just the opposite! Often overlooked when considering the design of a home, the garage door is one of the largest and most prominent features of your property.

  • door Open the right doors with Corinthian Doors

    Doors introduce homes and rooms. Select from the great choice in Corinthian Doors and you will find what’s perfect for your style of home. Just as homes vary in style and size, so too do doors and now more than ever, there is a diverse range available to suit every room type.

  • lillies Making the most of the winter rain

    A growing number of people are being introduced to rainwater tanks due to regulatory changes that require their installation as part of the building process for new homes and major renovations.

  • colour Complete home consultation

    Home Option Gallery offers a complete design service for people building new homes or undergoing renovations to make the sometimes daunting task of choosing all the finishes, furnishings, colours and materials for the exterior and interior of their home an enjoyable process.

  • Demolition Preparing a blank canvas

    Demolish your home not your dreams by choosing an experienced knock down, rebuild specialist to provide the bare ground you need to build your new home. Knocking down a house requires more than a sledgehammer and muscle, it is a process which requires accurate planning and execution.

  • newhome Set sail for a smoother ride in 2009

    For new home buyers who have just made a major financial investment in their future as well as for renovators who have topped-up their home loans in pursuit of their dream home, the global economic downturn may have dampened their well-earned enthusiasm.