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Gallery Summer 'Green Issue'


Turn over a new leaf

Now is the time to change your thinking. If we accept that we must think green, then we will build green and find ourselves living green.

Summer makes it even easier to notice the environment around us. We love to get outdoors and enjoy downtime in the extended daylight hours, we entertain at home and appreciate the modern alfresco design of our homes. By adopting better habits not only can we feel like we can make a difference we can actually save ourselves money, leaving more for the Christmas gifts perhaps?

At Home Option Gallery we are conscious of the environmental impacts of our activities and have initiatives in place to improve our sustainability. We work closely with our clients, suppliers and local community to continually improve our processes in line with best environmental practice. For this we have been recognised with a number of awards.

In this issue we showcase the achievements of our suppliers in developing beautifully designed products that minimise their impact on the environment, driving green innovation, taking green initiatives and winning green awards.

We show you how easy and affordable it can be to choose environmentally sensitive products when building your new home or undergoing renovations, and explain why they are a smart choice in meeting your needs.

As we head into a new decade, Home Option Gallery wishes all our clients a happy and safe festive season!

  • concrete Concrete for the masses

    Holcim Australia, one of the world’s most respected suppliers of concrete, aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) and cement, has acknowledged that it must meet, if not exceed, increasing expectations and demands about sustainable business practices.

  • Roof How green is your roof?

    Your roof offers you many opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In particular, roof tiles can assist in keeping your home cool in summer and a new innovation means they can also harness the sun’s rays to power your home.

  • doors Small things count

    When looking for ways to stay cool this summer, while still saving money on your energy bills, it can be the small things that count most. Seals can increase the energy efficiency of your home by minimising temperature loss through gaps around external doors and windows.

  • greenslab Build with lower CO2 emissions

    A new building product for the residential housing industry is arguably one of the first construction materials to actually reduce CO2 emissions when building your new home.

  • water Capture every precious drop

    Australia is experiencing increasing pressure on its finite water resources and a greater community interest in water conservation. This has led to rainwater tanks becoming a mainstay of new homes and major renovations in keeping with the push for green building practices and more sustainable living.

  • glosswood Line up, line up…

    Look out for the new outdoor display at Home Option Gallery of beautiful timber linings and decking boards by Australian company, Glosswood.

  • kitchen culture Turning dreams into reality

    We want many things from our kitchens to suit our modern lifestyles other than simply providing a place to cook. We want them to offer comfort and a homely feel as well as exceptional quality.

  • Nicholls Solar A mini power station on your roof

    Australia is fortunate to have the highest average solar radiation of any continent in the world. Harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home is an effective solution to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions as well as the financial burden of rising electricity costs.

  • Actron Air ESP Plus® Award winning, budget-saving air conditioning

    ActronAir’s Australian-developed ESP Plus® is an award winning air conditioning system that embraces the best in sustainable design. Presented the COOLWorld Environmental/Innovative Product of the Year award in 2008, ESP Plus® was recognised for excellence and innovation in the Australian air conditioning industry.

  • Beacon Lighting LED downlights New generation lighting

    Achieving greater energy efficiency in our homes is now part of everyday life but when adopting the latest in technology we still want more aesthetically pleasing options – especially when it comes to decorative lighting.

  • Get empowered Get empowered

    Take a proactive approach to reducing your household energy consumption and help save on your energy costs. We all know the basics – switch lights off when leaving an empty room, turn televisions off at the wall, not the remote – but most families could do more to improve their energy efficiency.

  • Focus Press Looking after the little things

    Award winning Green printer, Focus Press, is leading the industry in operating as a completely carbon neutral printer. Focus Press is committed to managing its operations in an environmentally responsible way.

  • Environmental More than words…

    Home Option Gallery, as part of our commitment to providing products and services of the highest quality to our clients, has taken many steps towards improving the sustainability of our activities.

  • Eden Brae Homes, winner of the 2010 HIA-CSR NSW Professional Major Builder award A little bit rock and roll

    Eden Brae Homes, winner of the 2010 HIA-CSR NSW Professional Major Builder award, celebrated its annual Charity Race Day in October at Rosehill Gardens.