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Gallery Autumn

Autumn Issue cover

Stepping up

At Home Option Gallery we have started off the New Year with a bang, opening a bigger and better showroom at our new location in Norwest and confirming plans for a second regional showroom in the coming months.

As we head into 2011, we continue to listen to our clients and develop new initiatives to stay at the forefront of home building related products and services.

Autumn is a time of year where change is everywhere, in the colours of the natural environment and in the shortening days. At Home Option Gallery change means continuously resourcing ourselves with the latest products and extending our expertise in all areas of home design.

In this issue we feature our new showroom and showcase innovative new products and services from our suppliers. We profile an amazing palette of bricks to make your home stand out, smart new tapware for your bathroom and the benefits of integrated landscape design.

We explain the hazards of stand-by power, outline ways to reduce your household energy bills, and offer storage solutions for your backyard. We also touch on luxury with designer ceiling fans and specialist builders for unique homes.

Come and see us at our new showroom and be impressed by the many design choices you can touch and experience in one central location.

  • Currency Constructions Buildings of distinction

    A specialist approach to unique construction projects can deliver outstanding results when building your luxury home.

  • PGH bricks For the love of art

    With many masterpieces, the appreciation of their aesthetic evolves over time yet PGH Bricks & Pavers has released a new Masters collection to offer bricks of extraordinary texture and timeless beauty that can be enjoyed and admired today.

  • Ozzie Garden Sheds Are you wanting more space?

    Ozzie Garden Sheds has a shed for every home and provides a simple solution for managing and looking after hard to store belongings.

  • EcoDesign Award-winning landscape design

    Planning a new landscape can be a complex operation, especially if you are doing it in conjunction with the construction of a new home or major renovation work.

  • Caroma Dorf mixer taps The attention it deserves

    Choosing the right taps for your bathroom shouldn’t be done after you’ve decided on your bath, shower and vanity, but rather at the same time. Taps visually tie the bathroom fixtures together and functionally must be able to withstand the high volume use which bathrooms sometimes get.

  • Frys Energywise Footswitch Don’t get sucked in by electricity wasters

    As we incorporate more and more technology into our lives we seem less and less aware of the impact its energy use is having on our hip pockets. While we might aspire to the latest plasma screen, espresso machine or iPad, do we give as much thought to how much energy they consume even when we are not using them?

  • Nicholls Solar Generation Power

    Modern home design is taking advantage of the Australian sun’s unlimited resource to take back control of energy bills and to add value to the home.

  • Beacon A breath of fresh air

    Ceiling fans can add a prominent design statement to any room and serve as an attractive feature as well as a functional purpose.

  • Origin Energy Get empowered

    Take a proactive approach to reducing your household energy consumption and help save on your energy costs.

  • Home Option Gallery Kitchens Wow, look at us now!

    Exciting changes are underway at Home Option Gallery so that we can further impress you with the depth of our expertise and our comprehensive range of home building related products and services.