In Tile Heating

In tile heating

For luxurious warmth and extreme comfort, enjoy the benefits gained from the installation of in-tile heating. In-tile heating can be incorporated into almost any building project and a variety of different flooring materials. The benefits of these systems include low maintenance and the ability to safely heat an area in a short amount of time. Get the very best out of your tiles and enjoy them all year round. Once you have in-tile heating you will wonder how you ever did without it. Contact the Home Option Gallery today to discover the range of systems now available.

HSI heating

Home Smart Innovations (HSI) is a full service business that work with you to develop the electrical plan for your home. HSI provides two types of in-tile heating: under-tile and in-slab heating. Under-tile heating is a floor heating system designed for either cement or timber floors where heating is provided by in-screed cables. In-slab heating uses heating cables embedded in a concrete floor to provide home heating. Ask your Home Option Gallery consultant about installing under-tile or in-slab heating in your bathroom, living areas, bedrooms and playrooms.