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Getting your outdoor kitchen just right.

The division between outdoors and indoors continues to be less and less obvious. Outdoor entertaining areas are becoming more integrated with house design. Indoor living areas are flowing out to exterior spaces with very little separating the two.

Kitchen Culture
The Australian climate lends itself to outdoor living for a significant part of the year. There is nothing like sharing a meal with friends and family on a warm summer evening. However with alfresco areas becoming more and more useable all year round, an outdoor kitchen can be beneficial in all seasons.

Kitchen Culture specialise in kitchens –inside and out. The outdoor kitchen deserves as much thought and planning as the one you are having inside your home. In fact it may well need more thought because the complete outdoor kitchen is a new concept for modern housing. It’s no longer a case of where to locate the BBQ. There is a lot more to it now as the outdoor living area is fast becoming a fully functional extension of your home.

Planning and designing is the initial step. Where do you want the facilities to be and what will you have? These days it is common to have a built in BBQ as well as oven, fridge, grill, cupboards, sink, benchtop and the list goes on…. Even if you plan to eventually have some of these items in the future you need to allow for their inclusion now especially when it comes to power points, plumbing, ducting, lighting even a place to store firewood if you want a fireplace.

When you are cooking in the outdoor kitchen, what perspective will you have? Can you still see children playing in the pool, or play equipment? If you have small children these considerations maybe important when deciding where to locate certain features.

How will you heat and cool the outdoor kitchen? Fans and heaters are also something to contemplate. Even getting the right exhaust for your range hood is important. You want this room to functional, safe and useable all year round.

Give thought to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor kitchen. What feel do you want it to have? Will the cabinetry echo the theme of internal rooms or be something different? Will you have pendant lighting or downlights, what furniture are you planning to have – table, chairs, lounges?

Think about the above and discuss your vision for your outdoor kitchen with the experienced staff from Kitchen Culture and they will help turn it into a reality. Do this room right and it is likely to be the best part of your home!