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A FANtastic feature of any room, indoor & out.

There is plenty to love about summer and the weather is one of them but nobody likes to feel uncomfortable. Fans are a great way to create that soothing breezy effect that we all crave on hot days and nights.

A FANtstic feature
“fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler by providing an effective breeze and proper air circulation.”

The functionality of fans has never been more superior and their aesthetic appeal is more impressive than ever. Even the most contemporary interior is catered for when it comes to choosing a fan. Today’s diverse range of fans makes them an ideal addition to any room.

In fact choosing a fan is actually a smart choice. Did you know that ceiling fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler by providing an effective breeze and proper air circulation? Combine that with your existing air conditioning system and you’ll even be able to save up to 40% on your cooling bills.

Most standard fans run on AC power and will use roughly the same energy as a 60 watt globe, but new fan technology utilizes DC (direct current) power which uses 40% less electricity than their AC counterparts making them a more energy efficient option. Check out the Airfusion Climate range to see some great DC fans.

Size matters when choosing a fan. You also need to consider the size of your room. Sounds simple, but this is often something that gets overlooked. To make the most of your fan, small to medium sized rooms are perfect with a 122cm fan, where as larger rooms that are about 6x6m would require a fan upwards of 132cm. The fan is a must for today’s outdoor spaces. Hard to have the perfect alfresco room without one. No point having the fancy furniture and built in outdoor kitchen if everyone is sweltering. The right fan will help create a comfortable environment to really enjoy outdoor entertaining.

When it comes to the type of blades and what will be best, the number of blades on a fan doesn’t make a great deal of difference in performance so it’s really just choosing a style that appeals to you the most.

Now there is a difference in what the blades are made of. Timber blades or acrylic blades are generally quieter than metal blades so would work better in rooms that you don’t want a lot of noise such as a bedroom or study. Metal blade fans can move more air than timber blade fans but are a little bit noisier so are better suited to being in living rooms or kitchens.

If you’re near the ocean, you’d be wise to look at a fan with 316 grade stainless steel blades and those of you in humid climates might also look at acrylic blades, as they won’t warp over time.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what consider when looking for a fan, you can put it to use and decide on the perfect fan for you!

Don’t forget that a lot of fans also have a reverse cycle that will allow you to use them in winter to better circulate the warm air from your heating. In fact they are wonderful to use in conjunction with a fireplace or standing heater because they help get that room warmer faster.

So even after the sweltering heat of summer has subsided, your fan can be used all year round! Don’t underestimate its many benefits. Their advantages are simply FANtastic.