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Winter is here.

And you will want to stay indoors when you see the stunning new products from Di Lorenzo!

Di Lorenzo Tiles
Di Lorenzo source incredible products from all over the world and love to bring tiles that almost border on artwork to the family home. The WOW collection is exactly that – WOW.

This is a collection of decorative feature wall tiles. Most are in 3D and are ideal for walls in bathrooms, kitchens or any feature wall. They come in miscellaneous shapes that add a genuine uniqueness to any room. The WOW Collection comes in timeless shades of Ice white, ash grey, earth and graphite to just name a few.

Another new tile product available from Di Lorenzo is the Vision selection. This is an appropriate name given to a range of tiles that reflect the perfect match of timber and concrete in a porcelain finish and is ideal for any living space. The warmth of a traditional material like wood together with a contemporary material like concrete yet finished in porcelain shows true vision and the remarkable technological advances in tile production. Also available in a broad range of neutral shades, Visions has both modern and classic appeal and is sure to have widespread popularity.

Di Lorenzo has always respected products either manufactured or inspired by other cultures like the Yaki Collection that will take you on fascinating journey through Japanese Culture. Yaki or Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique that involves the carbonization of wood planks, making them water proof and fire proof. A method still used in modern architecture. This age old craft still has a vital place in contemporary applications. The Yaki Collection comes in matt and gloss and
a range of colours.

Tiles are making leaps and bounds as far as innovation is concerned but there is always a place for carpets especially in bedrooms, studies, and home theatres.
Di Lorenzo use highly respected carpet brands like Cavalier Bremworth and Redbook Green that are renowned for quality, style and durability.

Cavalier Bremworth is a high quality wool carpet that uses New Zealand sustainable wool. These quality carpets have the top level 4 rating from the ACCS (Australian Carpet Classification Scheme), come in a diverse range of textures and colours and are ideal for all living areas.

Redbook Green carpets are also eco friendly and use the latest technology in renewable carpet manufacturing. This innovative carpet is made using Sorona polymer, comprised from 37% natural corn sugar has exceptional stain, soil wear and colour fast protection.

Di Lorenzo source the very best from within Australia and overseas, allowing you to have the very latest in floor coverings. If it is amazing tiles , timeless timber products, the comfort and warmth of carpet or a combination of these, then Di Lorenzo have the expertise that allow you to have floors that are beautiful and suitable to your lifestyle.

Choosing the right flooring for your home is not only an important aesthetic decision but also consider how you want your floor to feel, will it suit the purpose of the room and how will it blend with other flooring selections?

Di Lorenzo gives you options in tiles, timber floors and carpets. Be inspired because whatever you thought was impossible is possible at Di Lorenzo.