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Lighting trends for 2015.

Domestic and residential lighting can be much more creative than most people ever imagine, and this has never been more evident than now — when looking at the inspiring lighting trends for 2015.

Beacon Lighting Trends
There is an almost overwhelming array of choices to consider, with some being futuristic in style, and others being inspired by the past.

Styles reminiscent of the past are being shaped by visions of what lies ahead for the future, with stylish new sustainable and energy-efficient options becoming increasingly important even in retro-inspired styles.

LED lighting is one of the top trends for 2015, which makes good sense; LED lighting tends to be both practical and affordable when compared to other lighting alternatives.

Residential and domestic architects have stated that there will be an upswing in demand for LED lighting, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. LED lighting will be especially popular in demand as an answer to energy efficiency.

There’s also significant interest in outdoor LED lighting. As our customers embrace the trend towards outdoor living, many are revamping their patios, porches, driveways and garden areas with additional LED lighting.

Pendant lighting is particularly hot at the moment. We’re seeing a growing surge in demand for feature pendant lighting as we head further into 2015. Finishes such as copper, concrete, marble and rich timbers varying from the delicate blonde of Ash to the richness of Walnut all play a significant role in the current trends. Some of the latest in-demand pendant lighting draws inspiration from the past, while other styles are uniquely contemporary in design.

Metal with softer matt finishes of black, grey, warmer tones of beige as well as bursts of colour such as mustard and terracotta and very popular, while streamlined sculptural forms, including cylinders, teardrops and bell shaped shades all contribute to an exciting 2015.