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Laundries with Kitchen Culture.

The laundry has always been a functional room and history shows it was never a room that one would associate with style or describe as beautiful but in recent years this once humble room has risen to new heights. There is an even greater emphasis on how it functions and a definite focus on how it looks.

Kitchen Culture Laundries
Innovative storage ideas and clever organisational components can make your laundry not only efficient but give it a sense of order.

The team at Kitchen Culture provide beautiful laundries as well as designer kitchens and are experts in making these essential rooms highly functional without compromising on style.

The best laundries are those that are planned and well thought out. If you have a small laundry take advantage of the third dimension and purchase a front loading washer and dryer that use a stacking kit or wall mounts to get up off the ground and out of the way.

Storage is vital in the laundry. Ensure you have plenty of it! Allow room for laundry baskets and hampers close to your washing machine/ dryer for easy access. Floating shelves provide additional space for laundry items and are a good idea if you have small children and need to keep detergents and cleaning products up high. If you do have them in a lower built- in cupboard make sure it is childproof.

To make folding and sorting easy, keep your bench space clean and clutter free. Make sure your ironing board is near a power point and it’s a good idea to have drying racks and some hanging solutions.

Think about cupboard space for brooms, mops, buckets and any other items you need regular access to. To make sorting washing easier add a Hettich pull out laundry hamper, one for dark colours and one for light. Innovative storage ideas and clever organisational components can make your laundry not only efficient but give it a sense of order.

After you have thought about how you want your laundry to work for you, give consideration to how it will look. Perhaps you will “link” it with other rooms like the bathroom or kitchen by choosing the same or similar colour scheme for wall colour, cabinetry and choice of tiles for a splash back.

Give your laundry as much thought as your other rooms. After all even if your guests don’t frequent it, YOU do so make it as presentable and functional as possible.