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Fireplaces appeal to all the senses.

There is no denying the appeal of a fireplace in the home. Whether it is the aromatic smell of real wood burning and crackling or the dazzling flicker of flames created by a gas fire, the ambience a fireplace creates is second to none.

Glen Dimplex Fireplaces
Through history fires having been warming the most basic of homes to the grandest of castles and still today continue to have a place in a wide array of architectural interiors.

The fireplace adds a sense of warmth and comfort in even the most contemporary interiors. What you may not know is the enormous choice available in fire places. Glen Dimplex however are experts in this field and offer the very latest in a diverse range of innovative and stylish appliances including gas and wood fireplaces.

One of the brands provided by Glen Dimplex is Escea. This name is synonymous with minimalist modern and sophisticated style and designs. The Escea range comes in a variety of heat outputs, various modern fascias and a variety of fuel effects including black and white coals, New Zealand River Rock and Logs, stones and driftwood. These gas log fireplaces are available in both natural gas and LPG. Latest products from Escea include the Escea ST900 which is an easy to install fireplace with very natural looking flame display and is perfect for rooms where ambience is the focus rather than heat.

The Escea DX Series reflects technological brilliance in the beauty of their wide single or double sided fireplaces. Esceas Smart Heat Technology, Heat Ducts and Powered Direct Vent set these fireplaces apart from all the others on the market. This innovative system captures up to 90% of the available heat and return it back to different rooms within the house via the Escea Heat Ducts. In addition to the standard remote control, Escea’s new Smart Heat technology allows these fireplaces to be remotely controlled using a home automation system, remotely via the internet and even allows the fireplace to be directly controlled by a smart phone app.

The DX series can have a frameless look or have a stylish fascia on one or both sides of the fireplace and because the technology allows the flute to run horizontally you have the option of having it terminated on an outside wall.

For superior wood fires, Masport Heating has been the industry leader since the 1970’s. Comprehensive research has been at the forefront of the new generation of clean building, ultra efficient fireplaces. They have all the timeless characteristics of genuine wood fires but with modern operational, aesthetic and environmental appeal and therefore giving you more control in exactly how you want your fireplace to function. Masport Heating are committed to being the best solid fuel burners in Australia and this is reflected in their 10 year firebox warranty on the entire woodfire range.

The fact is whether you choose a gas or wood burning fireplace, you are most definitely spoilt for choice!

Think now about how you want your home heated and rest assured there is a fireplace to suit any interior. It’s definitely a comfort to feel warmth but the added bonus of a fireplace is that it appeals to ALL the senses.