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A room fit for an Oscar.

Roll out the red carpet for your very own home theatre! The humble television has come a long way since it made its way into Australian living rooms in the 1950’s. From black and white to eventually colour, no one could imagine just how sophisticated ‘the box’ would become.

TVs are now sleeker, smarter, multifunctional, and bigger and better than ever before and certainly warrant having their own wall.

But how about taking it one step further and incorporating a home theatre in your new home? The 1990’s and throughout much of the 2000’s, cinema technology progressed with the development of the DVD video format, surround sound speaker systems, high definition and 3D television and the quality and options for today’s home theatres are impressive indeed.

There is nothing quite like watching your favourite movie – where the projector screen, sofas and surround sound creates the perfect film watching experience. The kind of seating you add to your space depends of course on your budget and the level of authenticity you desire. If you are looking for a true to life luxury movie experience, leather tiered seating is a must, but a more affordable option is modular sofas and ottomans. Your screen can be a projector screen or a large scale high definition LCD TV or plasma. High quality sound is essential so speakers are key – sound proofing your room will also ensure the sound doesn’t disturb other parts of your home. For added luxury extras there is always the bar or popcorn machine.

The beauty of a home theatre is that it appeals to everyone in the household, from the very young to the elderly. Enjoy not only movies but big sporting events. The home theatre is a room used all year round by everyone in the house. Having a designated room means other rooms are free for other purposes.

Home Smart Innovations can provide all your cinema needs ranging from pre-wiring packages to complete home cinema set ups. Experienced consultants can answer all your questions and provide you with a home theatre solution to suit your lifestyle and budget. Watching a family favourite TV show or a block buster movie can all be done in the luxury of your own home in a room especially devoted to doing exactly that.