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Being brave with colour.

By Shaynna Blaze, Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director.

In my experience, I’ve found that the secret to using colour successfully in the home is to make it personal. I encourage Australians to escape the safety of neutrals and take a bold chance with colours in their homes.

Being brave with colour
Take the time to re-engage with colour; find the hues that connect with you personally. It’s important to find colours that you find exciting and engaging, as it’s you and your family that has to live with them.

Start off by seeking inspiration for the colour palette you want to create. This inspiration could come from nature, your favourite colours, travel, animals, your artworks and furniture and even the characteristics of your home.

One technique I use is flicking through magazines and pulling out the pages that elicit something within me – colours I feel some kind of connection with.

Selecting the perfect colour palette is a process. I always suggest getting three colours or less (too many is confusing), and testing the colours on a white background. Before making your decision, live with it for a week to see how the mood of the paint changes in different light.

Test the paint on an A4 card rather than just straight on the wall, so you can move the card to different walls in the room and test how it looks with different light reflections depending on where it is positioned.

Once you’re happy with your short list of colours, paint two at a time on your wall and leave them for a week, so you can get used to the colour to see if it sits well in the space. Then play the yes/no game to decide your final colour – only ever do this with two colours at a time, otherwise you’ll end up complicating the process.

One of the major challenges with colour is that there is simply too much choice, and the task of choosing can be a little overwhelming at times. So to help you get started here are some of my favourite colour palettes.


Red is a bold, sensual colour, which works great in bedrooms and sitting rooms. To avoid overwhelming a bedroom I suggest painting two adjoining walls in Taubmans Madeira Red. Balance the look with white and bone coloured linens.

For an Asian inspired look, add oriental printed wallpaper and fabrics. When using a bright red like Taubmans Red Alert, in a sitting room or bedroom suite furnish with dark timber or rattan furniture, as it will create a warm yet dramatic look. Using dark timbers will avoid creating a stark contrast, evoking a more serene mood within the room.

Jewel Box

I’m never one to shy away from bright colours, which is why I’ve always loved using a burst of jewel-like colours in interiors.

Bold colours like Taubmans Peacock Green or Teal Goddess need to be complimented by statement pieces to balance out the look. The detailed rug in the first image does just this as does the red cushions in the second image. Top off the look with crisp white trims and window frames.

Dark Colours

I love working with dark, rich colours and mixing them with metals or wood to create a sophisticated and sexy yet masculine mood that still feels feminine.

A deep purple life Taubmans in Dark Heather works well with mixed metal such as a brass side table, chrome accessories and leather furnishings to create this look. For a stormy, beach look use a dark grey like Taubmans Knight Grey teamed with light timber furnishings and accessories. Add hints of blue through your artwork and cushions to add colour to the room.


Australians love using neutral colours throughout their homes.

An earthy, natural colour like Taubmans Torte works best with darker timber furniture and pops of Tangerine and off white in cushions and other accessories. For a softer palette choose a neutral with peach hues like Taubmans Phantom Love contrasted with crisp whites and deep pinks and crimson.

For more tips on using colour in your home visit or for more information on Shaynna Blaze visit