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Aluminium pivot door has modern aesthetics.

Stegbar’s new Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door (APD) had been developed in response to increased preference for contemporarily styled pivot and wide-style doors.

Stegbar’s new Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door (APD) had been developed in response to increased preference for contemporarily styled pivot and wide-style doors The door combines light weight with a unique vertical loading system, enabling it to be rapidly hung and adjusted, while its modern appearance features clean, sleek lines.

Stegbar, a JELD-WEN company, said it developed the new product after its market research identified strong consumer demand for wide-style aluminium entry doors with modern aesthetics.

JELD-WEN marketing director Scott Kelly said the Stegbar Statesman door is available in Stegbar’s standard powder-coated colour range and can also be exactly colour-matched by anodising or power-coating to suit the rest of a home’s exterior, including aluminium windows.

“They’re also very low-maintenance and extremely durable, so they look great and function well for many years with a minimum of fuss,” Mr Kelly said.

The design also allows for it to be thermally sealed and flyscreened.

“Until now, if you wanted an aluminium chair rail door such as this it would have to be custom-fabricated, so the price would be significantly higher. However, the Statesman is now a standard part of the Stegbar range so you can simply tick the box for a competitively priced door that is eminently suitable for modern homes. There’s no time or complication involved compared with a bespoke job from an aluminium joiner.”

The Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door is ranged in standard door sizes and there are different door designs available to suit the design aesthetic of a home. With door widths up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high, custom sizes and configurations are available upon request – for example as a dual side-by-side door.

Glazing options that allow you to control light levels include clear, or translucent glass, with the option of double-glazing for better energy efficiency. Door handle options are also available.

Stegbar research and development manager David Hills said another advantage over traditional concealed-pivot doors is that Statesman’s unique pivot system allows the door to be continuously sealed. The sill also has a feature of being self-draining, meaning that any water or rain that runs off the door will be drained away from the door, avoiding problems associated with moisture.

“The seal on the door’s sill itself stops the vast majority of rain – about 90 per cent – but whatever rain remains falls through a specially designed internal gap and drains back out. It’s a one-way flap so the elements cannot blow any water back in.”

The pivot system allows for the installation of fly screens, unlike other pivot doors. Stegbar can supply flyscreens to perfectly match the Statesman.

Stegbar’s Statesman APD is entirely designed and manufactured in Australia.

For more information visit or call 1800 68 11 68