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James Treble.

Home Option Gallery is thrilled to have award winning interior design expert James Treble on board to provide clients with options that make designing and styling your new home easier, affordable and more attainable than ever before.

Home Option Gallery is thrilled to have award winning interior design expert James Treble on board James has more than 20 years’ experience in the building and design industry. He combines his design knowledge, experience and expertise with his love of housing and has owned and operated Treble Studios since 2004.
Image courtesy of Zanui.

James is the interior design expert on channel 10’s exciting lifestyle show ‘The Living Room’ where he shares his passion and knowledge of interior design in design challenges and ‘How To’ segments. James is a feature writer for Homes+ Magazine, providing tips and advice to readers and is also the brand ambassador for ZANUI.COM.AU; Australia’s leading on line furniture and homewares destination.

You can have complete confidence in the wonderful opportunities James is providing at Home Option Gallery. The dilemma facing many clients building a new home is often they are after a certain look but are unsure how to achieve it, or can be time poor and unable to do the necessary ‘research and have a budget to adhere to.

Having an idea in mind of what style you like is one thing, but having the time and know how of putting it all together is another. James is currently establishing an exciting series of design styles to make it easier for you to get your desired look.

These exciting ‘looks’ will fall under 4 main categories with even more choices and flexibility within those categories.

1. The CLASSIC Range: Manhattan, French provincial, Tuscan Villa, Classic Hampton

2. The DESIGNER Range: Milan, New York Loft, Hollywood Glamour and Modern Minimalist

3. The RESORT Range: Australian Coastal, Singapore Resort, Island Retreat, Mediterranean

4. The CONTEMPORARY Range: Industrial/Eclectic, Scandinavian, Northern Beaches and Tokyo.

Most people will be able to identify with at least one and perhaps several of the above and breaking up those style ranges into smaller categories will really assist in the decision making and the likelihood of getting exactly the right look. There is something for everyone and each style will come with a range of price levels so having any of the above ‘looks’ is affordable and attainable for all.

James says “Clients will have access to ‘Mood Boards’ with true product samples so rest assured your selected style can be thoroughly achieved for both the exterior and interior of your home. Providing clients with this comprehensive visual library will no doubt prevent costly and detrimental selection errors that could potentially ruin the style you are trying to achieve.”

Clients will also have access to interior furniture and accessories which have been carefully selected to work with each of the interior design styles.

James adds “The wonderful reality of this service is that style doesn’t have to be hindered by budget. You can still get the look you want without having to go top of the range all the time.”

Alan Phillips of Home Option Gallery says “We are so fortunate to have James work with us and offer this innovative design selection service for our clients. Building a new home and making all those choices can be overwhelming and time consuming not to mention stressful as you hope you are making the right choices. This will alleviate all that stress and give you the confidence that your new home will be reflective of the design aesthetic that suits you.”

We will be profiling in greater detail the various design ranges and their key characteristics in future editions of Gallery magazine. Achieving a designer styled home has never been easier.