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What’s trending now?

Hannah Sharkey is one of Home Option Gallery’s most experienced Complete Home Consultants. Hear directly from her what people are selecting for their new home.

What’s in? What’s out? What colours, products and styles are fashionable? Hannah is at the forefront of all the multiple decisions that need to be made. We‘re seeing a lot of developers use a mix of materials at the moment, for example face brick with either moroka or rendered features to the facades, like portico posts.

What’s in? What’s out? What colours, products and styles are fashionable? Hannah is at the forefront of all the multiple decisions that need to be made. Hannah helps clients personalise their home and coordinate selections from roof tiles to paint colour. Enjoy reading her insightful responses to What’s Trending.


Is it Rendered? Brick? Mixed materials?

We‘re seeing a lot of developers use a mix of materials at the moment, for example face brick with either moroka or rendered features to the facades, like portico posts.

This looks aesthetically pleasing as you can complement these colours by using light shades and dark shades; this will allow you to make features of areas on your house that you want to stand out.

Some builders are going for the ultra modern look by using render to the whole house which is also a nice option as you can use one colour and accent window frames and front entry doors.

My overall advice would be to pick a few colours that work well together rather than a large number that can lead to a confused exterior.

Front door: Blend or feature?

Definitely a feature, this will be the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your house. A grand entrance is always worth spending that little bit extra on. Extra wide and high doors are very popular at the moment with or without glazing; stained or painted finishes are likely to impress.

If you’re spending that little bit extra on your front entry door consider whether you want to put a security door over the top, as this will negate the purpose of having a grand door! (Obviously if you have bushfire regulations you will have to stay with the requirements that are implemented)

Windows: What style?

While still wildly popular, sliding windows are getting a little bit outdated; consider sash windows used extensively in my home country, England (I think Aussies call them double hung!) They are beautiful and add a touch of style to any home. I am also a fan of awning windows as they create symmetry and balance if positioned in the correct locations.

If you’re an energy conscious person there are increasing glazing options for energy and noise that are becoming more widely available. A lot of my clients now are reconsidering the single pane of glass and opting for the laminated or doubled glazed option.

My advice would be to rethink your glazing; in the long run, this could save you money on your electricity bill!

Roof tiles: Popular colour?

Long gone are the days of the paprika roof tile; rather than replicate a Tuscan theme in Australia, renovators or new home builders need to be aware of their surroundings and incorporate these into their designs.

Depending on your specific location you may like to look at natural colours that are pure and understated, modern charcoals and greys are another option for a more contemporary look. Wavy, more detailed roof tile profiles are becoming less popular, with very flat profiles in a variety of colours being favoured.

My advice would be less detail more impact with roof tiles!


What best describes selections for today’s interiors?  Safe and conservative? Contemporary?  Continuous or distinct styling for different zones?

A lot of people still play it safe with interior colour and furniture styles. I think it is important to stay with neutral base colours and then punctuate features by adding a mixture of natural colours and materials such as ash, marble, concrete and timber to your home; then by using darker feature walls you can create a zoning effect which looks great and will distinguish different areas of your home.

I still find a real apprehension by clients to use colours. Darker tiles to wet areas such as ensuites or main bathrooms are stunning and will provide a contrast that will separate wet areas from the rest of the house. They create a serene hideaway where you can unwind. Use different materials to create an impact such as a feature glass splashback in the kitchen, textured wallpaper or timber flooring.

Feature walls are a must but be mindful of the finish. Textured wallpapers are beautiful in any interior, painted finishes can end up looking plain and dull.

Splash of colour? What colour and where?

Splashes of colour look amazing but have to be in the right material or chosen product. For example by choosing a bright colour for all your kitchen cabinets you can get stuck with the colour and it can prove to be very costly if you get fed up with it!

Pops of colour with geometric patterns or bold colours against a backdrop of white will look elegant and stylish. If these bright colours are too eccentric for you and you would prefer calmer tones try colours such as water based poolside blues that are pure and cool with lighter tones of grey and soft feminine colours that will add that splash of colour you need.

Use these colours with accessories such as rugs, cushions, artwork, lamps and towels, even different tones of the same colour will create a sense of consistency throughout your home.

My advice is be mindful of using a bright colour for a product that is permanent, consider using harmonious or bright tones to create splashes and pops of colour that can be easily changed.

Wall paint: popular shades? Is the feature wall still in?

Think about what kind of feeling you want to portray. Impulse colours such as citrons, cranberry and tropical colours that create tones that awaken the senses are pretty popular right now. Black, pure white and lighter tones of grey with a mixture of smooth and textured surfaces express calmness. Blues and mid-greens, washed lavender, mellow tones and moss greens provide the ultimate harmony.

Doors : what style?

The bigger the better! With or without glazing but if choosing to go with a glazing option, try to keep it smooth and simple. Painted or stained finishes still look great but keep in mind your external colour scheme.

Flooring: still tiles in living areas and carpet in bedrooms?  Or timber flooring? What’s the favourite combo?

Timber is the principle material but a combination works well as there are a few different areas of a home that require different flooring solutions. For example it would be unhygienic to put carpet in a wet area and tiling in a bedroom is not very cosy! So I would say all flooring products are still favourable but in the correct environment.