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Design meets lifestyle.

Single storey homes designed with an open floor plan that connect the indoor and outdoor living areas to one another are becoming a more desirable style of home.

Single storey homes designed with an open floor plan that connect the indoor and outdoor living areas to one another are becoming a more desirable style of home.
Particularly for families with a busy lifestyle that enjoy entertaining, sharing time together and having the practicality of fewer stairs. This style of planning has been influenced by changes taking place in society from formal to more casual living.

With building lots gradually becoming smaller and formal areas less desirable, clever home designers and builders are capturing the otherwise wasted space, once dedicated to ‘Formal Lounge or Dining Rooms’, utilising the valuable space that may otherwise be a stairwell. By listening to the market’s needs and desires for a home that caters to a more relaxed but busy lifestyle, builders and designers have added value by optimising floor space dedicated to open living areas that provide the ability to spend quality time with family and friends whenever possible.

Australia’s long standing love of the outdoors and easy lifestyle is being reinforced in the design elements of a home. Large picture windows and bi-­fold or stacking sliding doors to the alfresco opens up the living areas and blurs the boundaries between inside and out.

With a focus on the kitchen, more recently influenced by reality TV cooking shows, a large island bench delineates the space.

Newly introduced areas in close proximity for children to do homework or incorporate an interactive office / creative corner or simply allow for enough room for visitors or family to sit and chat with the cook provides for a hub of activity and personal interaction.

By eliminating a formal lounge and dining room and incorporating these areas adjacent to the kitchen, we can achieve views and immediate access to the garden and outdoor dining & entertainment spaces. With an open floor plan and a focus on lifestyle, a master bedroom can be privately situated on the ground floor with a luxury bathroom en suite and often a private garden / courtyard leading on to it.

Auxiliary rooms such as a butlers pantry, craft room, laundry or mud room, extending and linking these areas to the kitchen and family living rooms is now more about the kitchen being the heart of the household. Additional auxiliary areas can include a home theatre or a rumpus room for teenage activities.

It’s effective to streamline furniture, fittings and accessories to reflect a cleaner, crisper and more spacious feel to your home. An open floor plan offers this sense of spaciousness, allowing for a ‘less is more’ approach to the interiors. Furniture and accessories with clean and crisp finishes are in line with a more relaxed lifestyle. In conjunction with this philosophy, the single storey home offers a lot of potential for first home buyers.

Design meeting lifestyle has evolved overtime and will continue to do so. It reflects societal changes, household composition and family lifestyles.

Contact Lynette Lewis from The Inside Story directly on 0412 171 548 for any enquiries. All consultations are by appointment only, contact Lyn directly if you wish to make an appointment with Kathleen Bowen for planning and decorating advice.