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Smart choices will benefit you in the long run.

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you can make in a lifetime! It is important to not only consider the upfront cost of building but also the ongoing running costs once you’ve moved into your new home.

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you can make in a lifetime! It is important to not only consider the upfront cost of building but also the ongoing running costs once you’ve moved into your new home.
Once you move into your new home you will have to live with many of the decisions you made during the construction phase for the entire life of your home as many products are difficult to install or change once a home is completed.

It is a known fact that heating and cooling accounts for nearly 40% of a typical homes energy use and with utility prices continuing to rise year on year, it make sense to factor in smart design at the building stage.

The orientation of your home plays a key role, for instance, a north facing living area that takes advantage of winter sunlight, and extra shading for west-facing windows are all great ideas, however you can’t always influence the orientation so there are some fantastic products available to help create smarter homes that maximise comfort.

CSR Bradford have been helping make Australian homes more energy efficient for 80 years and they are now at the leading edge of technology, developing products that help create smarter environments, providing the comfort you need, without costing the earth. Bradford is constantly working on product innovation, and they offer everything from thermal and acoustic insulation to wall wraps and sarking, solar panels and ventilation systems.

The fact is you need to make these crucial decisions for your home in the early stages and they deserve just as much attention as more cosmetic elements like tiles and paints because they contribute greatly to your home’s comfort and to your homes energy consumption.

The generation of energy using fossil fuels has resulted in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) which have been linked to global warming and climate change. Insulation contributes to a more sustainable environment. Thermal Insulation will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter and help limit the need for air conditioners and heaters.

Noise can disrupt the peace in your home. Traffic, neighbours, even the racket your own family makes can cause unrest and discomfort. Bradford’s acoustic insulation, Soundscreen, will help soundproof your home and contribute to a more harmonious environment. Soundscreen is ideal for use around the home theatres, ensuites, bedrooms, in fact any room in the house where you want peace and quiet.

Another revolutionary product is Odyssey, an air exchange system that will maintain the health of your home by exchanging the inside air with fresh air from the outside at a very low running cost. Odyssey works by monitoring the inside and outside air temperatures of the home and exchanging stale, hot air within the home with cool, refreshing air when the conditions are right. Odyssey improves the indoor air quality and keeps the house odour free all with whisper quiet operation. Odyssey is an innovative product designed in Australia by Edmonds – part of CSR.

Bradfords Solar Energy systems further add to the ability your home has to be sustainable and environmentally sound. Bradford has a range of solar panel systems to suit any home and budget. Installing solar in your new home will reduce your electricity bills, protect you from future increases in energy costs whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. All systems come with a warranty from one of Australia’s oldest and most respected companies, CSR.

To find out more on the fabulous range of Bradford products visit Home option Gallery, talk to your builder or visit Bradford now offers a free home energy consultation where you can meet with a Bradford representative to discuss the requirements of your new home and how to build in more energy efficient measures at the time of building to help your home be more sustainable in the future. Call 1800 331 314 to make an appointment.