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Lighting trends 2014.

Lighting in 2014 promises to be a thrilling time, with lighting trends taking some exciting twists & turns!

Lighting in 2014 promises to be a thrilling time, with lighting trends taking some exciting twists & turns!
There will be colour, softer muted colour palettes, including pastels in minty green, delicate pinks and lemon shades – conveying a subliminal message of class and understated elegance.

Metallics will also feature strongly, with a 2014 trend for all things shiny and reflective. Metallic’s in gold, copper and silver - from hammered beaten effects to glossy polished and refined, perfect for adding a touch of luxury and indulgence to any interior.

In 2014 the trend for transparent glass is continuing with familiar retro styles, and revealing electrical cords as features. The light globe will feature strongly as part of the transparent glass trend. The globe will be incorporated as part of the form in lighting – large oversized, single or suspended in a uniformed display.

Nature, or using natural materials, an increased awareness of our eco footprint, evoking a relaxed home environment, promoting a work/life balance.

Simplicity, using raw and natural materials, wood, concrete and traditional crafts are all being explored; organic free flowing shapes, similar to what might be found in our own natural environments.

This trend towards nature also extends to being environmentally friendly, by using LED lighting. Symmetry, simplicity, uniformity, a sense of balance.

In 2014, lighting will begin to move away from clusters of lighting to more of a uniform symmetrical display with simplicity being the key – uniformed symmetrical clustering at a single level rather than at different heights as seen in the past.

The industrial and retro trends continue, although now with opaque finishes, incorporating new colour palettes, in particular the colour mint green.

Wire used in the form of wire ‘cage-like frames’ as the frames of light fittings, will continue.

Beacon has something for every room and continues to be at the forefront of innovative, stylish and functional lighting.