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Paint that endures all life throws at it.

Let’s face it, painting the interior and exterior of your home is a big job and not one that you want to do on a regular basis.

Let’s face it, painting the interior and exterior of your home is a big job and not one that you want to do on a regular basis.
Taubman’s Endure range is true to its name. It will outlast and outperform other paints and is the ONLY interior and exterior paint brand in Australia with a Lifetime Guarantee.*

Quality and innovative products have always been priorities for Taubmans –right from the very beginning. In the late 1890’s George Henry Taubman, a Sydney sign writer finally got tired of the poor range of paint and established himself as a painter supplier/importer. Two years later he was still unsatisfied with the product available so began manufacturing his own paint. By 1928, Taubman’s had branches across Australia and New Zealand.

By 1930 Taubmans was a public, wholly owned Australian company and in that year became associated with Pinchin Johnson, one of the largest paint producers in the USA enabling Taubmans to be at the forefront of technological advancements in paint production.

Taubmans Endure is a sophisticated product that has set a new benchmark in quality and sophistication due to its unique Nanoguard technology. Nanoguard is a technology that has been developed to cross link molecules in paint in order to produce tighter film. This allows Taubmans Endure to have superior properties in stain and scrub resistance for interior applications.

In fact laboratory testing has proven that Endure performs better than a leading competitor against scrubbing, and it also provides excellent protection against the growth of mould and mildew which means you will have better air quality in your home. Everyday dirt and stains can simply be wiped away without leaving shiny patches or colour loss even if they are frequently washed. This is especially important for heavy traffic areas like hallways and living room walls where there are bound to be finger marks, dirt and scuff marks.

Similar to the interior product, the Taubmans Endure Exterior consistently out performs the competition when it comes to dirt shedding capabilities, leaving the outside appearance of the house fresher for longer.

Taubmans Endure is a 100% water-based paint with a range that covers your home’s Exterior, Interior Walls, Ceilings, Doors and Trim and Kitchen and Bathrooms.

So for the very best in paint quality, durability and performance superiority you cannot go past Taubman’s Endure.

*Conditions apply. Go to for details.