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Kitchen Culture.

Kitchen Culture offers the latest advice and tips on how to ensure your kitchen is a design success.

Offers the latest advice and tips on how to ensure your kitchen is a design success Kitchens are not just about cabinets and benchtops. The whole room should be a creative, functional yet personal and warm space.

  • The kitchen is the hub and heart of the home. This is where families connect, conversations take place and memories are made. TIP: Having an island bench is a great place to bring the family together. It can be used in a casual and formal manner. The kids can sit at the bench doing homework whilst a parent is cooking, or a family member can teach another how to cook that favourite. The point is the island bench encourages communication and good times!

  • Don’t overdo it with design. TIP: Keep the lines cleans and uniform. The best way to achieve this is to have drawers where possible and create a harmonious and fluid appearance. Remember simple is always best.

  • Create a rhythm with placement in order to use the kitchen in a practical way. Think about storage, function and aesthetics. TIP: Having a working triangle with your fridge, sink and oven is an important element to using your kitchen the best possible way.

  • Cabinets are a great way to conceal appliances to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. TIP: Concealing the rangehood to keep clean lines, or integrating your fridge, dishwasher and bin are great ways to keep your kitchen looking simple and stylish.

  • You can make a small place practical without going overboard. TIP: There are great storage solutions out there to get the maximum use out of minimal spaces, such as a pull out pantry or a moving corner unit.

  • Invest in getting your kitchen right at the start. Changing your kitchen down the track can be a high cost headache. TIP: It can be overwhelming to sit down in a kitchen design appointment. The prices can seem daunting however getting the right look and finish you love is important as you use this space every day. One thing to consider as well is the resale value. The kitchen is the most important part of the home as are bathrooms because they are costly to change if you get the design wrong.

  • Use finishes to mix it up. TIP: Don’t be scared. There are lots of options on the market. Use timber textures with polyurethane and glass to create layers. But remember don’t go overboard!
    It’s all about balance.

Enjoy dreaming, planning and exploring all that is available for you to have the perfect kitchen!