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A change is as good as a holiday!

The idea of a “Summer Holiday” is a wonderful notion! The days are longer, the evenings gently and slowly blur into darkness and our hectic lifestyle leading up to Christmas can suddenly start to wind down.

The idea of a “Summer Holiday” is a wonderful notion! The days are longer, the evenings gently and slowly blur into darkness and our hectic lifestyle leading up to Christmas can suddenly start to wind down.
We can dream of escaping to a distant resort where we can relax, switch off and truly enjoy the company of our family and friends, however we don’t have to leave our homes to feel like we are experiencing that luxury.

Creating a new and uplifting environment for yourself and your family to prepare for the festive season and enjoy the holidays in your home. Some thoughtful planning ideas and some time out is all we need.

Here a some ideas to help you achieve a “Summer Holiday” in your home:

A well-planned kitchen:

  • Open and welcoming.

  • Space for children to help participate.

  • Plenty of storage.

  • Electrical outlets at an island bench.

  • Make food visual in an open pantry by displaying jars with preserved fruit ingredients and vegetables and healthy fresh food on the bench tops for ease of cooking and inspiration.

Alfresco & Outdoor:

  • A pool and/or BBQ are perfect for a summer outdoor setting to relax and enjoy food and fun with family and friends.

  • Serve tall jugs of water with floating fruit in decorative water pitchers.

  • Throwing outdoor parties are fun to decorate for with bright and colourful tablecloths, umbrellas and table décor.

  • Tea candles hanging from the alfresco ceiling or displayed throughout the garden.

  • Cane chairs that mix and match with bright scatter cushions, colourful canvas chairs hanging on the wall and white washed furniture, nautical or bright themed fabrics are all great for a “Summer Holiday” setting.

  • Tiling a table-top is a fun activity that will also create visual interest.

  • Introduce big vases of fresh flowers filled with rocks and water.

  • Introduce a ceiling fan to the alfresco for long hot evenings and create a focus.

  • Textured throws and rugs in bright or neutral colours.

  • Bike rides.

  • Picnic baskets.

  • Paddles and canoes mounted on the paling fence rather than locked up in the garage and more readily available to use.

  • Create a stimulating play area for kids that is new, fresh and different from the norm to make it feel more like a holiday. Chimes and colourful windmills, plastic blow up pool toys, activities and games.

  • Great “Summer Holiday” food to make that feels like you’re on vacation could include; ice cream cones choc top, frozen yoghurt, banana splits, summer salads, cucumber, dips, avocado, frozen fruit, lights snacks by the pool, blending for smoothies, sandwiches, cheese, prawns, watermelon, fruit on sticks, flavoured ice cubes and summer suppers.

  • Picnics in the garden can feel like a getaway at home.

  • Get the kids involved in making patty cakes and displaying them on elevated plates.

  • Bottles of water and flowers in random sizes.

  • Zesty colours lime greens, lemon yellows, whites and accents of charcoal are fresh and reflect the sunshine.

  • Use table cloths and colourful outdoor settings for breakfast and lunch to create the sense of fun.

  • Decorating the house with collections from a summer adventure including washed shells from the beach, drift wood, seed pods from botanical gardens.

  • Oversized arrangements and the drama of oversized leaves gives the sense of a resort using Ginger Lillies and giant fern fronds.

  • A holiday blackboard is a great way to interact with family for ideas for planning adventures and activities.

  • Have fun decorating the alfresco area with straw hats, bamboo and fresh fronds.

  • Paint furniture bright colours.

  • Drying flowers for fragrant salts – lavender, or make vanilla sugar. Tie a rose to a rock with string and submerge in a large vase – enjoy the visual of captured air bubbles as a different way of viewing life.

Whatever changes you make to your home to create the sense of a “Summer Holiday”, the most important change is in the heart. Lighten up, let go and enjoy the warmth of summer and the long lazy days relaxing with family and loved ones.

Contact Lynette Lewis from The Inside Story directly on 0412 171 548 for any enquiries. All consultations are by appointment only, contact Lyn directly if you wish to make an appointment with Kathleen Bowen for planning and decorating advice.