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Baumatic sets the style standard.

Baumatic’s new Studio Solari black glass gas cooktops look like they have just stepped off the runways of Milan.

With the sophistication of a titanium finish on the controls and a stunning black glass surface, these cooktops are dressed to impress. Not only does the design of our gas cooktops integrate seamlessly into any modern kitchen, they also offer great features and enviable performance.

Baumatic’s new Studio Solari black glass gas cooktops look like they have just stepped off the runways of Milan.
As cultures cross borders and great cooking traditions are brought to our shores, Baumatic’s cooktops need to cater for various cooking styles.

Regardless of whether the cooking method requires large or small saucepans, they are all catered for by Baumatic’s flexible burner configurations and sturdy cast iron trivets. Triple flame high-powered wok burners and large, medium and small auxiliary burners are available to make sure you get the right level of cooking power.

Thanks to Baumatic, you can enjoy complete peace of mind whilst you cook. Should the flame be extinguished because of a strong current of air or liquid spillage, our Flame Failure Device system automatically cuts the gas supply. In effect, because we have devoted our time to ensuring your safety, you can devote yours to simply enjoying yourself in the kitchen.

Baumatic understands that cooking is about creating masterpieces and experimenting with different cooking methods – not about spending hours cleaning. Having a glass finish on selected Baumatic gas cooktops makes cleaning a breeze with the added benefit of having no hard to reach crevices, or hard to clean surfaces. With a glass finish, simply wipe away spills in seconds.

For the main course, we have the perfect 90cm Multifunction Oven for any occasion. With a 91 litre capacity, there is room to cater for the largest of families. And like all appliances in the Studio Solari Collection, it has the looks to match the features. With black optical glass and a titanium finish, it is sure to impress the most discerning fashionista.

At Baumatic we have put thought and passion into the finer details, to capture the beauty of the most elaborate kitchen designs.

Baumatic, Appliance Chic.