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Style extends to the very top.

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for a new home, style extends all the way to the very top with Monier Roofing’s new concrete colour palette.

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for a new home, style extends all the way to the very top with Monier Roofing’s new concrete colour palette.
With a lighter, more flexible and more subtle range of colours than ever before, there’s a roof tile profile and colour combination to complement any design theme.

The new Monier Concrete colour palette has been developed and refined over the years, filtered by colour professionals in the building industry and working with colour forecasting groups. Inspired by the latest trends and what homeowners, architects and designers are asking for, the new palette allows greater flexibility when it comes to the design and colour scheme of a home.

Fashion-forward colour white starts at the lighter end of the spectrum, with the colour palette deepening into tawny colours and the ever popular classics of mid-greys and earth tones, through to black.

When selecting a Monier roof tile, it’s not just about choosing one of the 18 colours available, there are also a variety of profiles, from contemporary styles to the more traditional, ensuring the right look for the roof to match the home’s overall design. With so many roofing style and colour options for homeowners, it can be daunting when considering all of the alternatives. Monier & PGH Selection Centres are all about making those choices easier. They offer tools, real examples and techniques that have been developed over the years to assist homeowners in making important decisions about the look of their homes.

Choosing a roof tile in isolation is not practical and consideration for colours should extend to bricks, fascia, gutters and trims. Monier’s colour consultation service makes the process of selecting a colour scheme for a house and the profile and colour of a roof tile, less daunting and more enjoyable. By mixing and matching different styles and colour combinations, a complete external colour solution can be created.

Visitors to the Selection Centres can stroll through the external display areas and view roof tiles, bricks and pavers in creative settings that are designed to showcase the different combinations available and experience them in life-sized examples.

For more information, call 1800 666 437 or visit