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Gallery Spring

Gallery Magazine Spring 2013

Gallery magazine Spring edition.

In this issue of Gallery we celebrate innovative products. There has never been a better time to build a brand new home because today’s range of building products simply makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Tiles are no longer simply tiles – but works of art thanks to Di Lorenzo’s amazing range of floor and wall tiles sourced from Europe.

Storage and functional space has just gone to new heights thanks to the Attic Group and the Odyssey Ventilation system is a breath of fresh air – literally!

Mixing and matching your lighting options is the new way to brighten your home. Lighting can be functional and yet still have enormous aesthetic appeal with the diverse range from Beacon Lighting.

We take a look at sustainable gardens and Ecodesign provide valuable gardening advice – just in time for spring.

JELD–WEN show why they are the industry leaders in doors, windows and even mirrors. These products are most definitely designed with intelligence and style in mind.

Our resident interior designer tells you why the Master Bedroom deserves special attention!

Kitchens are full of possibilities thanks to Kitchen Culture and are beyond being just practical spaces. In fact they have never been more beautiful and functional.

  • Deco Doors Deco doors deliver on-trend look

    Internal doors are a simple, yet sometimes overlooked, way to update, add value, and make a statement of quality and craftsmanship in your home.

  • Odyssey Roof Ventilation The coolest way to ventilate your home!

    Building a home means choosing everything from tiles to bench tops but selecting what will make your home comfortable and functional is just as important as choosing products to make it beautiful.

  • Attic Group storage specialists and solutions Spick & Span

    Keeping a new home spick and span for as long as possible can be a challenge for many. Clutter is not welcome in a freshly renovated or newly built home – and neither is damage to walls or floors by visiting tradespeople.

  • Mix 'n Match Lamps and Pendant Lights Mix & Match

    Sometimes, finding the perfect lamp or pendant isn’t as easy as it might seem. You may love part of it, but something about it isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

  • Di Lorenzo Floor Tilles The possibilities will floor you!

    For inspiration and magical creativity, the world of Di Lorenzo tiles and floor coverings is exactly that!

  • Kitchen Mirrors Mirror makes an impact in the kitchen

    JELD-WEN Windows and Doors’ Aurora Mirastar is a truly innovative mirror. It is heat resistant. It is moisture resistant. And it can be toughened.

  • Kitchen Culture Kitchen culture offers endless possibilities

    Kitchen Culture is a hub of creativity and energy. We want your kitchen to reflect you and your household and exude personality. We showcase the latest looks, layouts and products!

  • Master Bedroom Create a sanctuary in your master bedroom

    Your master bedroom can provide you with an escape that will not only nurture your soul but offer you respite and relaxation.

  • Sustainable Garden Design Sustainable Gardens

    The design of sustainable gardens is more than just the inclusion of a vegetable garden, rain water tank or worm farm although all are worthy elements in any sustainable garden.

  • Spring Garden Tips Spring Garden Tips

    As warmth returns to the soil and air we see an awakening of life in the garden from a flurry of insects to darting copper tail skinks and nesting birds.