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A timeless classic with a modern twist

Laminex continues to inspire and provide the consumer with clever and innovative products.

This issue of Gallery focuses on warmth and luxury comfort and the Timber Veneer Panels from Laminex® certainly advocate these qualities.

The beauty of a timeless classic with a modern twist
Rich in colour and character, Laminex® Timber Veneer Panels are a sophisticated alternative to solid wood. There are an exciting range of textures, tones and colours available making possibilities endless and giving you control over presentation.

Bench tops and doors can be contrasting or seamless in aesthetic appeal. Whatever style you are trying to achieve, there is no denying the warmth and welcoming characteristics of a timber appearance. The Laminex® Timber Veneer Panels have a softening effect on even the most contemporary interiors and for an alfresco entertaining area; they certainly bridge the gap between internal and external living spaces.

Laminex® Timber Veneer Panels have the added benefit of being good for the environment. To achieve the beautiful look of solid timber, far less wood is required. This means fewer trees are needed to achieve your surface design and the impact on forests is reduced. In fact they are sourced from sustainable plantation timber forests. As a Green Tag Certified product, the Laminex® Timber Veneer Panels have classic appeal yet are manufactured with modern day awareness.

A comprehensive range of timber veneers allow you to choose the timber look you want: from beautiful Eucalypts like Spotted Gum, Stringy Bark and Tasmanian Blackwood from Australia; stunning Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut from North America; Anegre and Sapele from Africa as well as timbers like Beech and Pearwood from Europe. These are just some of the many options available. There is a colour and texture palette to suit any room style. The beauty of timber appearance is that it never dates, it can be used in the most casual of interiors or in very formal rooms and it works subtly with the rest of your home’s interior choices: paints, floor coverings etc.

The Laminex Group has been manufacturing and supplying timber veneer panels for over 20 years. Experience and modern technology combine to make todays products better than ever: more choice and greater flexibility so every built-in surface in your home – from bench tops to cabinetry, alfresco entertaining areas and even feature walls can have the timeless appeal of timber.