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A joyful winter

With a change in temperature to cooler weather, we are starting to experience a different atmosphere within our homes and garden.

While the days might feel shorter our evenings can be luxuriously longer. Making the most of the cooler change with the smell of a slow cooking casserole and home made soups.

A joyful winter
The smell of a wood fire burning, the luxury of long hot soaks in a bath or simply sitting together and enjoying a hot chocolate in the warmth of a sunny kitchen, can fill us with joy during winter time.

Here are some ways to make the most of your living spaces, both inside and outside in these cooler months!

  • Long evenings and cold weekends can be spent snuggling up together on a big sofa with a woolly blanket to watch a movie. Sitting in a comfortable arm chair and reading that book that you have longed to get into with the warm sunlight streaming through your window, or simply finding a quiet place to chat and knit or quilt with a friend.

  • Extending the indoors to the outdoor space by enjoying the warmth of an outdoor fire pit and entertaining with family and friends, roasting marshmallows, making smores and sipping on those well kept reds with friends and loved ones. Fire pits can be built in or portable. Introducing portable mushroom gas heaters in the alfresco can also make the space nice and toasty if you do not have a fire pit.

  • Introducing a pizza oven in the alfresco area can make a winter evening just as much fun as a hot balmy night in a covered outdoor space, tucked out of the breeze.

  • Just like our wardrobes that offer the layering of scarves, cardigans, coats and boots, soft furnishings and accessories can also provide layers of texture. Tweeds, hand knitted throws and richly coloured tartans in cushions and rugs can offer us comfort and cosiness in the cooler months.

  • Snuggling up and enjoying the fantasies of children’s books by reading with the kids.

  • Taking advantage of a dedicated space in the laundry for a mud room to store colourful rain coats, bright umbrellas and fun gumboots is a practical way to dry items that you don’t want left in the living areas of the house and is also a fun way of experiencing the cool change.

  • Give the study a whole new life in winter by using it to write letters to friends, press flowers and to do some scrapbooking or crafts.

  • The extended study spaces in living areas are great for the children to do jigsaw puzzles and big school projects on weekends.

  • Winter can be quite romantic with lit candles to create warmth. If you don’t have a fireplace, a silver tray of candles can resemble a fireplace and a space to sit down with family and friends to have hot chocolate.

  • Adding layers to the bedroom to give the space a different feel for winter by introducing accent throws and blankets to the end of the bed and changing the colours and textures of cushions and accessories to richer tones.

  • Winter is a great time to be gardening and preparing for spring. Plant bulbs in the garden so that there will be colour in the spring and enjoy growing root vegetables during the winter.

Kathleen Bowen is the Founder and Director of the Inside Story Design Concepts and an award winning Interior Designer. Kathleen styles residential interiors exclusively for Eden Brae Homes. Check out the Inside Story display at Home Option Gallery or contact Kathleen directly at