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Beauty is not skin deep

Baumatic has set the style standard this season with the Studio Solari collection. With the elegance of black optical glass, and the sophistication of a titanium finish, you will be sure to find the perfect ensemble for any modern kitchen.

With Australia’s fantastic climate, home owners, renovators and buyers are always looking to take advantage of this design in their homes. Using smart technology, they have created kitchen appliances that will not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen, but will enhance your style of living.

The Studio Solari Collection from Baumatic.
And beauty is not skin deep. Baumatic appliances have been crafted using state of the art technology to achieve premium quality and ease of operation.

Baumatic understand the importance of creating healthy and yet delicious meals for your family, and their combination steam and multifunction oven will do just that. Steam cooking has become the preferred method of cooking in many households, offering many benefits over traditional fan forced cooking – such as less oils or fats needed in your meals.

Baumatic puts your safety first with their revolutionary Cool Door System featured in the Studio Solari oven collection. By optimising the output of hot air from the cavity, the risk of burns and also any chance of causing heat damage to your kitchen cabinetry is greatly reduced.

Using an induction cooktop has never been easier with Baumatic’s expandable zones. On selected induction cooktops you have the ability to join zones together, expanding two small zones into one large zone giving you the flexibility to easily use small, medium and large pots, multiple pans, large casserole dishes, frying pans – anything. For added convenience, power levels and timer settings for both zones are synchronised when they are joined together providing the same level of heat across both zones for perfect cooking results.

Baumatic understands that cooking is about creating masterpieces and experimenting with different cooking methods – not about spending hours cleaning. Having a glass finish on selected Baumatic gas cooktops makes cleaning a breeze. There are no hard to reach crevices, or hard to clean surfaces. With a glass finish simply wipe away spills in seconds. As well as being easy to clean, the glass finish also provides that extra little bit of sophistication to any kitchen.

Your relationship with Baumatic doesn’t end once you take that first bite. Their mission is not only to offer you a quality product, but to provide you with the support that you deserve when you purchase one of their appliances. Baumatic Studio Solari appliances are supported by a 3 year labour warranty and a 5 year parts guarantee as part of the customer care program provided by Baumatic Australia.

Baumatic have put thought and passion into the finer details, to capture the beauty of the most elaborate kitchen designs.