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Moodlighting. Give your room personality!

Every room in the home lends itself to many different lighting options. We don’t always need a space lit up like a stadium.

More often than not, the most appealing lighting is subtle, providing enough light to see the task at hand, but at the same time creating shadows and depth to enhance an atmosphere.

Moodlighting. Give your room personality!
To achieve such an effect can sometimes require layering of lighting but the end result is a softly lit room that is flattering, inviting and makes us feel good!

Your general lighting for a room may consist of downlights or a flush ceiling light. These do the job and light the room, but unless you have a dimmer installed, they don’t allow flexibility to create a different atmosphere. This is where lamps and wall light are assets.

If you have wall lights make sure when they are installed you get them on a separate switch to your main room lights. This will give you options and control over the type of light you want, depending on the situation eg, date night, last minute cleaning before guests arrive, dinner party, or simply watching tv. Wall lights can also highlight feature walls or art and sometimes they can even be features themselves.

Table and floor lamps are a great way of using lighting as an accent in a place. It allows you the flexibility of choosing exactly where you want to position the light. A lamp on its own will give you a softer, more glamorous light in a room than downlights which can sometimes be a little too harsh.

The soft warm light achieved by leaving the ceiling lights off and relying on lamps and/or wall lights gives you the warm, flattering light that creates an inviting environment and makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable.

Having these different layers of lighting gives you the ability to change up the mood and create different ambiences for your room depending on the occasion

Investing in lamps and other lighting options will add real personality to your room and for once a personality with mood swings is a good thing!! Time to go out and purchase some lamps!