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Bathrooms that make you feel better

In this day and age it’s getting increasingly difficult to escape the demands of modern day life and find some peaceful solitude.

With social media and modern technology you are contactable just about 24/7 so it’s little wonder people are finding respite in their very own bathrooms.

Bathrooms that look good and make you feel better
The trend for bathrooms to be rooms of luxury and comfort seems to be gaining even greater strength. Spa baths and showers with a range of therapeutic or special options are on many people’s wish list.

Beautiful floor to ceiling tiling, stylish basins and tapware give this room the element of elegance like never before but now that sophisticated level of presentation is being matched by the high performance of bathroom products.

Cook’s Plumbing Supplies is Sydney’s major independent plumbing and bathroom supplier. Since 1969 Cook’s have been delivering a personalised service to the plumbing industry. Their many options in baths, basins, tap ware, showerheads and anything else you might need for a beautiful bathroom allow you to have your own “retreat” at home.

Imagine arriving home from a long day at work and rather than having to go out for a massage, you simply step into your own spa bath with its numerous jets to relax and sooth your tired body. Better still, put on your favourite music, light some candles and slip away to somewhere wonderful.

Spas are also ideal for anyone in the family who plays sport. They are great for muscle fatigue and general body aches and pains, however a spa bath or not, todays baths are a luxurious feature for your bathroom. Cook’s range of baths include island setting designs that reflect the latest in contemporary style and a stunning range of free standing baths in various shapes and designs.

Cook’s Plumbing also provides numerous options when it comes to types of showers: from ceiling showers to rail showers, single showers to dual... Enough choice for you to have the shower you want that not only looks good but feels great too.

It’s not just the big feature items in a bathroom that give it that luxurious and comforting appeal but the attention to detail.

For complete sophistication in your new bathroom, the taps, basins etc. are all integral to achieving the look you want. Cook’s can supply you with the total fit out. They understand that a bathroom must have that clever balance between practicality and luxury.

For those building a new bathroom, there is no excuse why it can’t be right for you. The quality of bathroom products supplied by Cook’s will ensure your bathroom is still a mini oasis and a wonderful room to escape to.