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JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors put iconic brands in a one-stop shop to make your job easier.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors is now the one-stop shop for Australia’s premier windows and doors brands for all your home building and renovating needs.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors is the master brand behind the iconic brands Corinthian Doors, Stegbar, Regency, William Russell Doors, and Airlite.

Customers now have a single entry point to the full range of JELD-WEN Windows and Doors products including the dramatic doors, windows, shower screens, glass feature walls, and wardrobes that turn a house into your home.

“JELD-WEN is the company behind the leading brands in residential building products,” said JELD-WEN Australia’s Director of Business Development Chris Barker.

“If you’re a market leader you not only stay ahead of the trends you also set the direction. We are investing strongly in innovation and product development to make sure our products best reflect homeowners wants and needs and the new ways they are using the spaces they call home.”

Demonstrating its place as the maker of inspirational windows and doors products, JELD-WEN Windows and Doors supports The Block through its Corinthian, Stegbar and Airlite brands to inspire homeowners with its broad range of standard and custom product options.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors put iconic brands in a one-stop shop to make your job easier
Corinthian and Stegbar continue to play an ongoing starring role on The Block with more products than ever showing homeowners across Australia how simple it is to transform the way they live.

Corinthian’s Deco internal door, which features on the current series of The Block Sky High, is stylish with elegant, functional and modern lines. The long clean horizontal and vertical v-grooves create a modern streamline style to suit a range of architectural styles and tastes.

Offering freedom of choice through its vast range of windows and doors, shower screens, wardrobes, mirrors and splashbacks, Stegbar allows homeowners to unleash their creativity with unique and custom pieces.

Stegbar’s Hiro Wardrobe remains one of The Block’s most stylish and memorable performers taking centre stage in an All Stars winning room through its customised multi-coloured glass panels. The Hiro wardrobe is as individual as you are and offers fully customizable panels to offer complete design freedom. With the added benefit of innovative technology that makes the wardrobe door system operate significantly better, the Hiro wardrobe gives homeowners a sliding door system free from the wobble and rattle of other systems.

The use of coloured glass splashbacks has emerged as one of the latest top designing trends. Stegbar glass splashbacks, far from being used just as an alternative to tiles behind a vanity or sink, are now making their own statement as bathroom walls, features in a living room, bedroom or entrance area. Stegbar is excited to offer custom made splashbacks to suit exact specifications and can be painted any colour.

For builders and renovators of heritage-style homes, Airlite Windows and Doors specialises in the manufacture of custom windows and doors for heritage homes. Airlite’s expertise is another highlight of The Block All Stars where new windows were created to exactly match old windows and meet Heritage Architect specifications.

The craftsmen at Airlite showcased their ability to remove an existing window, pull it apart to replicate the existing profile and produce new windows to meet Heritage Architect approval.

About JELD-WEN Windows and Doors.

With an established reputation for commitment to innovation and design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and excellent customer service, JELD-WEN Windows and Doors has provided reliable doors and windows to homes, apartments and commercial buildings around the world for more than 50 years.

As the market leader, when JELD-WEN expanded into Australia, it chose to partner with leading and trusted Australian brands that had strong reputations for commitment to innovative design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

  • JELD-WEN Windows and Doors is the name behind the iconic brands of Airlite, Corinthian Doors, Regency, Stegbar and William Russell Doors.

  • JELD-WEN Windows and Doors businesses all started as family businesses and between them have built trusted relationships with Australian builders and homeowners for more than 70 years.

  • The JELD-WEN Windows and Doors team is passionately committed to transforming the residential built environment. As a business, JELD-WEN Windows and Doors takes pride in knowing their customers and appreciating the unique way in which they express their lives through their homes.

  • JELD-WEN Windows and Doors’ product offering delivers a total home solution with a diverse product suite from each individual brand giving its customers a versatile and creative range of interior and exterior choices.

  • JELD-WEN Windows and Doors is committed to maintaining the trust of its customers and continuing to grow and flourish as the partner of choice for Australia’s residential industry. Visit for more information.