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Keep your home looking good

Ducted vacuum systems continue to be a sought after inclusion for new home buyers. They are easy to use, unobtrusive, suited to modern house designs AND good for your health.

Vacuuming with a ducted vacuum system can greatly decrease allergy and asthma symptoms associated with dust, dander, mould and pollens. Valet Central Vacuum system keeps the dust outside where it belongs. This is not only beneficial for your family’s health, but for the longevity of your home’s floorings and furnishings. Of course, many new homes have a variety of floor coverings from carpets to timber and tiles. The flexibility of the Valet Central System allows for a diverse range of floor coverings to be cleaned with equal effectiveness. With easy to use tools, everything from curtains to corners can be vacuumed free of dust and dirt.

Keep your home looking as good as the day you move in
Research indicates that people are spending an average of 90% of their time indoors so the quality of your indoor living environment is crucial. Valet is Australia’s best known and respected ducted vacuum brand and provides indoor vacuum systems that are versatile and superior in function and performance.

Valet’s highly efficient, soft–start speed motors use the latest technology to deliver consistently powerful cleaning performance in every corner of your home. The power unit canisters are engineered from durable, corrosion–resistant steel for a long trouble free life. They are more powerful than standard vacuums and the power unit can be located in a variety of places around your home outside of living areas. A Valet motor offers from 2hp to a huge 4hp of power and is also ultra quiet. You can use your ducted vacuum system in rooms where your family is watching TV or even sleeping.

When selecting the ducted vacuum system that is right for your home, there are two main factors: the behind the walls design and length of your ducted vacuum pipes and the type of floor finishes you have chosen. One determines the required power and the other determines the type of hose wands and floor tools to best deliver that power to the floor coverings. In most cases, your Valet expert will measure the length of vacuum pipe required between the position of your vacuum motor and the furthest Vacuum inlet point. The primary measurement determines the motor required for your home.

Rest assured that every home design – single level, double storey and multi-level can be fitted out with a Valet Central Vacuum system. The Valet range of Ducted Vacuum Systems has a reputation second to none and is well known for supreme quality and durability.

No doubt you have spent plenty of time and money on your new home. Get the most out of this important investment by looking after it right from the beginning. Keep it clean, dust free and help make your floor coverings last as long as possible.

With the easy to handle Valet system, vacuuming is no longer a dreaded chore but something that can be done quickly and effectively. Say goodbye to cumbersome contraptions that have to be dragged upstairs and taken from room to room. The Valet ducted system makes vacuuming less of a chore – it’s quicker, easier and more effective. Do yourself and your new home a favour!