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A new kitchen icon

Baumatic Introduces It’s Iconic Black Steel In-Built Oven.

Founded in 1992 and now operating in nearly 50 countries around the globe, Baumatic is still family owned and run. With manufacturing facilities around the world, all appliances are created to an extremely high specification with meticulous attention to detail using only the finest materials.

Baumatic Introduces It’s Iconic Black Steel In-Built Oven.
This ultra-modern design from Baumatic’s Pythagora collection has more to offer than its sleek and enigmatic black steel finish. With your family’s safety in mind, this multifunction oven offers three layers of glass in the oven door to maintain the internal temperature more efficiently while keeping the external door temperature cooler to touch.

What’s more, we have fitted our ovens with a two layer telescopic racking system. The stability and strength of these telescopic shelves means you can safely slide heavier dishes in and out of the oven with ease.

The chore of cleaning your oven has also been made easy with Baumatic’s removable roof liner. You no longer need to clean behind the grill, simply remove the roof liner from behind the grill element, wash and slide back into place.

Thanks to Baumatic’s baking/pizza stone included with the oven you can now enhance the cooking of pizzas, quiches, breads or any recipe that requires a crisp base. Simply preheat your oven with the stone in it and place your recipe on the top for the perfect crisp result.

Baumatic blends fashion and technology together to create trend setting and dynamic appliances for the home. Baumatic – Appliance Chic.