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Fantastic – cool air and efficiency

Everybody loves a true Aussie summer but not to the extent of feeling uncomfortable in your own home.

With the skyrocketing cost of electricity fast becoming a concern to many households, its little surprise that families are making choices on products that are energy efficient as much as they are stylish. The latest range of fans from Beacon Lighting Commercial ticks both boxes.

Everybody loves a true Aussie summer but not to the extent of feeling uncomfortable in your own home.
The Airfusion DC fans are designed with revolutionary DC (direct current) technology, which uses an incredible 40% less electricity than traditional AC (alternate current) ceiling fans.

The secret lies in the innovative design. The blades are curved and moulded to a precise angle, which not only greatly improves the airflow, but also adds to the unique contemporary style. Powered by a precision balanced DC motor which is housed in a sleek, streamlined body, Airfusion DC fans use a lot less energy to keep the fan rotating and as an added bonus, is one of the quietest fans on the market.

Six different speeds are available so you have more climate control than with traditional fans. By using a sleek remote control, you can change the speeds with the touch of a button or switch to reverse mode for year round comfort. Fans are not only summer products. In fact they are wonderful winter assets because they help to circulate air from a heater and assist in the elimination of “cold spots” from a room.

Effective circulation can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler and can potentially reduce cooling costs by up to 10%. This is a win for you and your wallet.

Check out the new revolution of DC ceiling fans and take your comfort levels to new heights. Airfusion DC fans, exclusively available from your ceiling fans specialist at Beacon Lighting Commercial.