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No home is complete without landscaping

Do justice to your home and get it right!

It’s not going to matter how good your home looks on the inside if the outside is unattractive. First impressions do count! Your home’s external presentation contributes to the streetscape and overall visual appeal. The fact is people do judge a book by its cover.

No home is ever really complete without landscaping.  Do justice to your home and get it right!
Well designed and functional outdoor spaces are just as important as the kitchen and bathrooms.

No point having designer tiles in your foyer or the latest in kitchen bench tops if your front yard looks neglected and doesn’t reflect all your carefully chosen internal inclusions.

Make landscaping a priority. It could really make or break your home. Outback Landscaping have been creating and providing landscaping solutions for small suburban backyards to large commercial projects for 15 years. Landscaping means providing the right lawn and plant selection for your home and designing gardens and external spaces that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Paul Smith, Director of Outback Landscaping and Paving says “No project is the same and with smart planting and a clever use of foliage, a very small suburban backyard can be as impressive as a large scale landscaping project.”

The concept of landscaping at Outback goes well beyond selecting plants. “We offer a complete service from outdoor lighting to letter boxes, decking, feature walls, clotheslines, interactive outdoor rooms and just about anything that would contribute to the external look and feel of your home” adds Paul.

There is no doubt that the line between indoors and outdoors has blurred over the years and the continuity of a home’s design extends from internal rooms to outdoor spaces. How gardens and yards are utilised as well as presented gives a home its unique character.

Two designer homes with the same fašade can sit side by side and the point of difference is often landscaping. From a modern and contemporary garden with clean lines and structure with perhaps a water or wall feature to a cosy heavy foliage garden that is beautifully aromatic... the possibilities are endless.

The staff at Outback are trained with the simple philosophy “build it like you own it” and as a result quality is paramount in every area of service. Paul says “The fact that we work as a team and provide expert advice in every facet of landscaping means you have peace of mind. Together with our project coordinators, we help you every step of the way from choosing the right products to FAQ’s and build times and we offer a variety of landscaping packages to suit first home buyers as well as those looking for a more comprehensive landscape service.”

Don’t underestimate what your garden can add to your home, both aesthetically and functionally as well as monetary value. Give it the priority it deserves and you will reap the benefits for years to come.