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BIGGER, BETTER, BEAUTIFUL tiles at Di Lorenzo - offering infinite possibilities.

What are standard format tiles? According to leading tile experts Di Lorenzo, large tiles are now the norm and it’s easy to understand why.

They are ideal for a continuous appearance that is perfect for room designs that flow from the interior to the exterior or that simply flow on from one another like a kitchen to a living room. They also make areas seem larger and more spacious and that’s always a bonus. Practically, large tiles are easier to clean because they have less grout joints.

Rectangular tiles are being used more than square shape. 400x800 is the most popular size. It does seem “bigger is better” with customers who are sticking with the square tiles opting for the larger 800x800 as opposed to the more traditional 400x400 or 600x600.

BIGGER, BETTER, BEAUTIFUL tiles at Di Lorenzo - offering infinite possibilities.
The size of the room is irrelevant to the size of the tile. Large tiles are impressive and have great aesthetic appeal regardless of whether they are in a bathroom or large living room.

Warmer colours are definitely on trend: milk chocolate, warm honey, steel greys and taupes are colours which add depth and warmth and look great internally and externally. Gone are the days of tiles having a clinical, cool and polished appearance. Now the look is welcoming, comforting and inviting to walk on. Hence the move away from porcelain tiles in favour of satin or matt finishes. These tiles have a more organic and natural appeal and are easier to maintain.

Taking this warmth characteristic to a new level are the replica timber tiles. Not only are they popular but are more textural than when originally launched. The range now includes distressed timber tiles and colours that are not traditionally seen in timbers. Advanced technology in tile manufacturing allows the wonderful natural appeal of timber to be a feature of tiles. Customers get the best of both worlds: modern convenience of tiles with the timeless appeal of timber.

The palette in tiles is not just reserved for the earthy tones. Brighter coloured tiles from where else but Spain and Morocco are ideal for kitchen and even BBQ splash backs and provide pizzazz to your entertaining areas. Reds, yellows and blues in all of their brilliance add an exciting lift to a neutral colour scheme. Small tiles can be like works of art that provide a room or particular space with a wow factor.

Tiles provide the landscape from which the character of your room can be developed. At Di Lorenzo you can definitely step outside the “square tile box” and into a world of amazing possibilities.