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Buy in winter, swim in summer

Are you dreaming about a pool for summer? The time is now. Waiting until the weather gets warmer will be too late!

Constructing a pool is a stage by stage process and the earlier you start the earlier you will have it to enjoy.

A pool is a lifestyle as well financial investment. It is crucial that it is constructed by a reputable, and experienced pool builder.

Concept Pools have been designing award winning quality pools for Australian families since 1980.

Times have however changed and the design of pools has evolved. A suburban block of land is much smaller than it was decades ago and this has meant narrower pool designs.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% OFF Concept Pools contracted this winter! Conditions apply.

Call Home Option Gallery on 02 8860 9333 for details. Offer only valid for contracts signed and orders/deposits placed between 1st June 2012 and 31st August 2012. Terms and conditions apply.

The rectangle has been the favoured shape for some years now. It’s simple and clean lines give it a timeless appeal and it can be adapted to suit most block shapes. It can often be located at the side or in front of the home.

The average size of today’s pool is 7 x 3.5metres. Pools that double for exercise and recreation (like a single lane pool) are also popular.

Limiting factors of available space and other desired uses for the backyard are driving pools closer and closer to the home. This means careful planning of engineering issues like piering as well as other elements like the location of windows that may be adjacent to the pool.

The pool is becoming an integrated feature of the overall house design. The alfresco area is a popular link from where the house ends and the pool begins. For this reason, pool finishes are also influenced by choices made for the other areas.

Matching coping to tiling on the alfresco area and family room/kitchen enhances a ‘flow-on’ effect. Entertaining has never been easier with this continuous design approach blending the indoors with the outdoors. It also means the pool has year round aesthetic appeal.

Frameless and semi frameless glass pool fences are favoured over more traditional options like aluminium giving a less obtrusive feel to the pool space and a more inviting atmosphere. The pool is very much part of your home no matter what the season.

Light coloured interiors in pale blue/turquoise and green give the impression of a larger pool area. Interiors finishes see a return to easy care pebble with glass beads and silver foil for added luxury. Other features include glass mosaic tiles, built- in planter boxes and sheer descent waterfalls.

Many more people building a new home are realising the benefits of constructing a pool whilst the home is undergoing construction. Pool shells can even be built before the house slab is constructed. The pool can then be fenced off, or if in close proximity to the house, a formwork cover can be installed.

If you wait until after the home is built you may risk higher costs dues to access restrictions (smaller machinery, ‘long’ dig costs, damage to existing structures).

So stop dreaming and start planning. A pool is something the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Concept Pools can help you get the ball rolling.

For next Summer to be memorable, make a wise Winter decision now. To find out more about our special offer, contact the Home Option Gallery on 02 8860 9333.