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Actron speaks louder than words

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home can make all the difference.

Summer is a fun time of year but there is nothing fun about being unable to sleep on a hot humid night. Your home should be a place of comfort and that includes being able to seek relief from whatever the weather provides.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is the ideal solution that allows you to control the temperature inside your home. There are however many factors that need to be taken into account like the size of your home, whether it’s double storey or single level, how many rooms it has etc. There is nothing worse than having an air conditioning system installed only to realise that when you are entertaining large groups of people on a warm evening, it fails to have the desired effect. You must select a system that is ideal for YOUR home and lifestyle.

There is no denying that Australian summer weather can be especially demanding. Actron Air ducted systems are built in Australia and designed to perform in temperatures up to 50 degrees. They are designed for the unique Australian environment and to meet the diverse demands of our climate. As a result, they are smart, tough and durable.

Actron Air’s ESP Plus Variable Fan Technology "Actron Air’s ESP Plus Variable Fan Technology (VFT) automatically reduces airflow providing huge energy savings when running just a few zones."

The latest in Actron Air’s digital technology has meant significant improvements in temperature control, operation efficiency and greater energy savings. While other systems produce large amounts of airflow when zones are switched off, Actron Air’s ESP Plus Variable Fan Technology (VFT) automatically reduces airflow providing huge energy savings when running just a few zones.

The ability to separate your home into zones is an advantage. For instance on hot nights, when you are sleeping, you really only need the bedrooms cooled. Air conditioning the whole house is unnecessary in this situation and a waste of energy. Zoned areas allow you to control where and when you want your air conditioning to operate. Although other systems do this, the efficiency of how this is performed makes Actron Air an industry leader.

In fact, the Actron Air ESP Plus was recently recognised by the air conditioning industry with the inaugural COOL world award. This prestigious honour acknowledges an ability to significantly and measurably reduce the impact of air conditioning on the environment.

Actron Air produce air conditioning products that are quiet, reliable and energy savvy. Australian owned, designed and manufactured, you can be sure everything works together seamlessly. This also means you never have to look far for spare parts or product support!

Act now with Actron Air for a comfortable summer and a cosy winter. Mother Nature can have the outdoors but you can control the indoors!