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New Airfusion Climate ceiling fans

The good news is circulating.

Exciting new technology has hit the ceiling – literally! The new Airfusion Climate fans from Beacon Lighting Commercial have taken the humble ceiling fan to a whole new level.

The use of DC (direct current) technology is such an innovative breakthrough because it means that these fans use an impressive 40% less electricity than other standard ceiling fans on the market. The secret lies within the ultra-energy efficient, precision-balanced DC motor, which requires significantly less energy to keep the fan rotating. The DC motor is extremely compact, giving the body a sleeker, more streamlined appearance. Even better, it makes the Airfusion Climate one of the quietest ceiling fans you’ll ever hear.

While conventional fans normally have three speeds, the Airfusion Climate gives you the choice of six different speeds – all encased in a handy remote control. The remote, which comes included, also features a reverse function which effortlessly switches the fan into winter mode. Used in conjunction with your heater, winter mode enables warm air to be gently re-circulated. This technique has been proven to lower heating costs by up to 10%.

Airfusion Climate ceiling fansIn summer, using your fan together with your air conditioning can reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 40%!

Airfusion Climate is one of the first ceiling fans to offer total airflow flexibility. From balmy nights to steamy days, controlling your indoor climate and comfort level is right at your fingertips.

All this intelligent technology is encased in a stylish looking body that brings new aesthetic appeal to the ceiling fan. Airfusion Climate is available in cool white with wooden blades, brushed chrome with silver wooden blades and antique brass with walnut blades to compliment any décor.

For more information on living cooler with the Airfusion Climate energy efficient ceiling fan, contact Home Option Gallery on 02 8860 9333.