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Tiles that take dreams to the floors and walls

When it comes to sourcing the very latest in tiles, Di Lorenzo go straight to the source – literally! Just recently, members of the Di Lorenzo team visited Italy to see the latest trends in everything tiles – from colours to patterns and new innovative products.

Let’s start with colours. The popular “now” colour is grey. In fact grey is the new black! Accent colours include bright turquoise and acid yellow. For a WOW factor, animal prints in particular SNAKE prints are especially “in”.

A more subtle trend is the return to hand made products especially for features on entry floors and feature walls. These are obviously appealing for their uniqueness and character. Decorative feature tiles also remain popular – especially three dimensional mosaics in marble! Gold and silver are also favourable as they certainly add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Imitation concrete is also a big hit and continues to be an innovative flooring choice. The new range teamed with natural marble replica even has subtle imprints giving added texture and style. As a result, concrete which was once limited in its appearance, can have more than one look making it more versatile than ever! In fact, it actually looks like a piece of wood has been left in wet concrete to dry – leaving an imprint and providing huge impact! This new and unique selection comes in three colours.

Replica stone porcelain tiles are still a popular choice and come in all sorts of colours and designs. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, that copies look more realistic than ever before. The word replica really doesn’t do justice to their amazing 'natural' look. The Velvet range from Casa Dolce is especially 'real' in appearance and texture and is the superior product in this category.

Oyster from the Velvet Range from Casa Dolce"Replica stone porcelain tiles are still a popular choice and come in all sorts of colours and designs ...The Velvet range from Casa Dolce is especially 'real' in appearance and texture"

Another leading trend is replica quartzite. All the major manufactures in Italy are producing a copy of this natural looking stone that is particularly hard wearing, practical and ideal for a diverse range of floor areas. The Walk 1.0 selection is a stand out. It comes in two finishes and a whole spectrum of shades – from very light colours to rich and dark.

Size it seems does still matter. Extra-large format tiles are popular for their smooth and stream line appearance. The Terra Range from Dolce Casa comes in 80x180 and is very suitable for outdoor entertaining areas. Even other styles that were once only available in the traditional dimensions (like the popular Neutra) have been supersized! The Terra range comes in an impressive colour palette and is sure to appeal to those wanting a contemporary and continuous look to their floor.

Di Lorenzo have their finger on the pulse of the tiling world and are a step ahead when it comes to new products, new colours and new trends. The staff at Di Lorenzo Tiles and Carpets know what’s in even before it has hit the Australian market. Di Lorenzo are industry leaders in every sense.