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Johnstone Family: A Gallery client perspective

The right person in the right place made all the difference to the Johnstone family

Building a new home was something that Alexandra and Brett Johnstone did not particularly enjoy the first time around – especially the selection process which resulted in them having to travel to numerous locations, do much of the research themselves and simply hope that all their choices were the right ones! It was time consuming, overwhelming at times and more of a burden than a joy.

Their experience this time round was far different and that was primarily due to the expertise of their colour consultant Josie Duroux. No doubt the practical element of having everything under the same roof was a bonus and certainly a time saver but this doesn’t necessarily translate into the best selections. What it does do is help clients have a clearer picture of their new home but even more crucial is having someone like Josie Duroux to tie everything together and be a vital linchpin throughout the whole process.

Slections are made easy at the Home Option Gallery showroom “The importance of consolidating all the many choices that you make when building a home is crucial to a successful outcome!” - Alexandra Johnstone.

“Josie is a primary reason as to why our experience was a positive one” says Alexandra. “Her thorough knowledge on products helped us to trust our choices and in several instances change some of our selections to her recommendations. She has a great concept of the ‘total picture’.”

Brett adds “Josie has a wonderful ability to read the needs of clients, to listen and to move on to what they want to discuss and spend more time on, rather than simply go through the motions of each and every selection. We are busy professionals with two small daughters so we appreciated her excellent communication, her valuable use of our time and her commitment to understanding the products and services available at Home Option Gallery.”

There is no doubt that building a new home is stressful but Alexandra says that “thanks to Josie we were able to have peace of mind and be confident in our choices. Somewhere like the Home Option Gallery allows you to make immediate and multiple choices on most things your home needs. Brett particularly enjoyed the electrical plan options and being able to make decisions right there and then. But someone like Josie helps you to see your house plan become a home! The importance of consolidating all the many choices that you make when building a home is crucial to a successful outcome!”

All the ingredients for a lovely home are available at the Gallery “Even the standard selections are of high quality” says Alexandra. “But it’s putting it all together that requires great skill and vision.” Alexandra and Brett Johnstone firmly believe that you need the place and the person for a truly positive experience. It would appear that Home Option Gallery and Josie Duroux are that dynamic duo!