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The sensational sound of silence

Medical experts agree that noise does have the ability to raise stress, disrupt sleep and generally reduce your quality of life. There are many reasons for the increase in noise pollution.

Not only are we subjected to growing traffic and aircraft activity but with blocks being smaller and homes larger, we are closer to our neighbours than ever. Plus there are increased noise levels within the home due to the higher proportion of hard surfaces, open plan living, more powerful home theatre systems and the ever growing number of appliances and gadgets.

The Bradford SoundScreen is the ideal solution to this consequence of urban living. Made by spinning molten rock into fine fibres, which are then formed into batts, it’s increased density and unique formation give it excellent acoustic, thermal and fire insulation properties.

It enhances acoustic performance by reducing the transfer of noise from outside and within your home – making your home much quieter and more comfortable.

SoundScreen in interior walls can greatly reduce the noise between rooms. Ensuites, game rooms and theatres can be particularly noisy. The SoundScreen can reduce as much as 75% of the sound power. One area often forgotten is the floors of your home. Airborne noise can travel from the tv room to the above bedroom or from the master ensuite to the study below. Noise like kids playing upstairs, or kitchen appliances being heard when you are trying to watch a movie are also major annoyances

Bradford SoundScreen The Bradford SoundScreen: “increased density and unique formation give it excellent acoustic, thermal and fire insulation properties.”

The thermal qualities are greater than traditional products with the SoundScreen being very effective in tight spaces like walls and cathedral ceilings.

The Rockwool component in the SoundScreen will give 30 minutes fire protection. This material is the most popular insulation in buildings and industrial applications so having it in your home gives an added peace of mind.

When you come home, you want your home to be a place your family can relax in. The world is a noisy place and you shouldn’t have to be exposed to it once you close the door. The Bradford Soundscreen is a product you don’t see and the benefits are everything you don’t hear!