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Give your garage the respect it deserves

When building a new home, so much thought is given to the design of the house: its functionality, its layout, how it will suit our lifestyle... If we gave more thought to the garage with these same principles in mind, we would really maximise the versatility of this brilliant area of space.

How many of us are frustrated by the lack of space in our garage? How many of us do not take the time to think about how best to use the space? We look at how to efficiently use other storage areas within home like the pantry, linen cupboards, laundry, under the stairs – why should the garage be given such a low priority? We tend to think about it later when the rest of the house has been fitted out and furnished to our liking but we are doing ourselves a disservice by not giving the garage the same attention.

Steelspan Storage Systems The unique Steelspan Storage System is designed to make the most of your garage area by providing innovative and flexible storage solutions.

The garage has the potential to be so much more than a place to park cars and the dumping ground for kid’s outdoor toys, camping and sport equipment, garden tools, home maintenance products etc. That’s not to say these items shouldn’t be stored in the garage but when done in an organised and structured manner, the garage becomes a much safer and more functional area.

In fact, accidents in the home and surrounds account for 30% of all adult injuries and result in more time off work than “on the job” injuries. Most of these injuries occur in the warmer months when “handyman” activities are undertaken. Many of these injuries could be prevented with the provision of adequate workspace and off the floor enclosed storage.

Steelspan Storage Systems can accommodate any garage, shed or workshop. A whole range of flexible options are available from open and enclosed cabinets (ideal for storing chemicals, art and craft items etc.) to industrial strength shelving, timber or steel bench tops, power tool compartments, draws, height adjustable shelves and so much more. The system can be expanded as storage needs increase. The simple DIY construction can just as easily be disassembled when moving to a new home.

Choose from an exciting range of standard storage modules or for added flexibility – design your own storage system online: then take advantage of the discount offer to purchase through the Home Option Gallery.

Everyone’s garage stores more than a car and some store so much there is no room for the car. Thousands of dollars damage is caused to vehicles who have to constantly sit out in the elements or just as risky, sit in crammed garages alongside tools, bikes, lawnmowers etc.

With Steelspan Storage systems you can be kind to your car without having to compromise on your storage requirements. Maximise your garage! Make it work for you and your lifestyle and don’t underestimate the importance of its space.

Features of Steelspan Garage Storage Solutions

  • Free standing – No fixing to walls
  • Safe and secure – Ideal for storing chemicals and tools
  • Superior quality and strength – Steelspan used in commercial industries.
  • Simple and quick Installation – A tidy garage in a few hours
  • Modular – Create a system that suits your needs and space
  • Extendable – Add to later if you need additional space
  • Relocatable – Easy to disassemble and take with you when you move
  • Economical – No need for inconvenient and offsite storage

Steelspan Garage Storage Solutions is an Australian owned and family operated business.