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Lighting strikes and a home comes to life!

Lights are more than essentials in a room. They contribute to the atmosphere and character of an interior whether that be bold and bright, subdued and peaceful or simply functional.

The choice in lights is abundant: from statement pieces that are artistic features in their own right to unobtrusive designs that blend harmoniously with a room’s internal architecture.

Downlights continue to be a very popular choice – their contemporary and streamline appeal makes them suitable for general and task lighting throughout the entire home, such as in the kitchen, living areas and bathrooms. When turned off, they recede into the background.

Beacon Lighting Commercial has introduced a new range of downlights utilising the latest technology in energy efficient lighting – LED (Light Emitting Diode).

LEDs produce more light per watt than an incandescent, are more efficient than a fluorescent, and as they produce less heat than traditional lights they have the longest life span of any light source. Plus, LEDs can last up to 50 times longer than a halogen and only use about 10% of the energy.

Beacon Lighting LED lights LEDs can save you money off your power bills, and reduce your impact on the environment. They provide a clear, directional light, are cost effective, low voltage and contain no mercury.

Beacon Lighting Commercial’s LEDlux 14 watt LED downlights provide a high quality of light (high lumen output, wide beam angle) and are available in warm or cool white. They are rated to last up to 30,000 hours, are backed by a three year warranty, and insulation can be abutted to the fitting with no risk of overheating or fire – meaning they conform to the 5 star energy rating regulations. Three frames are available in white or aluminium – round, square and mini trim – so you can achieve the exact look you are after.

Once you’ve chosen downlights for your base level lighting, you can then add your ‘accent’ lighting. Pendants are popular for feature lighting, and create a focal point in the room. Consider a large solitary pendant, or three pendants hung in a row (e.g. over the kitchen bench or table) or clustered at different heights.

Alternatively, a decorative crystal chandelier makes a dramatic statement. Choose from modern or traditional designs, or be eclectic and mix and match your styles.

And don’t forget decorative or sleek wall lights to lift a plain wall, or to highlight artwork and other key features. Wall fittings also complete the bathroom, as you need light over the mirror shining onto the face for make up application and shaving.

So when you think about your lighting plan, consider the combination of general, task and accent lighting, look for energy saving options, and think beyond the practical applications to the mood you want to create.