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Out of sight and peace of mind

As everyone building a new home in NSW knows, (or will come to know) water storage of some kind is required by BASIX. The very latest and most innovative water storage product is the Aquacomb.

Aquacomb system Rather than the above ground tank option, the Aquacomb system stores water inside the concrete slab of your home.

The great bonus is that space in your back yard can be used for something you want and not something you need. Let’s face it, with land blocks as small as they are these days, every bit counts so the Aquacomb system lets you maximise your outdoor area.

Current research shows that land value for new homes in western Sydney is approximately $800 per square metre and with above ground water tanks, it’s estimated that $4,000 of your valuable land is lost. The Aquacomb is cost effective and extremely practical with superior functional and performance qualities. Made up of three key components – the Aquacomb water pod, the Aquacomb Flow Pipe and the Aquacomb Kinetic seal, the system captures, stores and moves water very effectively. The collected water can then be plumbed into toilets and the laundry and be used to keep the garden and grass green. Best of all you know it’s happening – you just can’t see it.

The pod design allows you to select the system that suits your needs and requirements whether you need to capture 3,000 litres of water or 30,000 litres. Aquacomb has many applications including slab on grade, patios and driveways to name just a few. Produced by RemTec, this clever product has a ten year guarantee and is a total Australian product. Invented and manufactured here, it is fast becoming the favoured choice in water storage.

Time to give priority back to the backyard and let it be used for what it’s supposed to be used for – fun times with family and friends – on green grass supplied by your out of sight Aquacomb system.