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Home Option Gallery is making an impression

Building a home and making all the right choices is easy at Home Option Gallery, just ask Mr Manu Singh. He is building a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom double storey home and thanks to expert advice and quality products to choose from, Mr Singh has peace of mind that his home will suit him for many years to come.

“The fact that you can select everything in the one location is a timesaver and enables you to coordinate all your choices at once” says Mr Singh.

Home Option GalleryHome Option Gallery has a wide selection of services on offer from window treatments to choosing your door handles, kitchen cabinets, ideas for pools and landscaping and so much more. Within each product or service there are choices to suit a range of budgets but quality is never compromised.

“The range is excellent without being overwhelming” says Mr Singh. “The practical set up of the Gallery is well organised and I love that everything is tangible. You can see your home coming together visually which is very exciting. I had a pretty good idea what colour palette I wanted. Michelle Hogan, the colour consultant made a few minor changes to ensure consistency throughout the décor. Although I have picked a relatively neutral colour scheme, including polished porcelain tiles in a cream colour and jarrah kitchen cabinetry, I have made a bold statement with my red feature wall! I also love the plush black carpet I have chosen for the home theatre.”

Mr Singh adds “Michelle was a brilliant colour consultant. In fact I would go as far as to say she was a legend. She was knowledgeable, friendly and very reliable and helpful. The hospitality of all at the Home Option Gallery was exceptional as was the communication. I had to liase with people overseas and appointments were arranged around my mother’s visits from Singapore. There was flexibility in the selection process so I did not feel pressured or pushed for time”.

Mr Singh’s choices were made over two appointments and he admits that some were definitely made for future requirements. “I did not want to have a home that suited me now but not down the track. I did put in extra power points and allowed for future technology capabilities.”

For many people, building or renovating can present itself with too many choices, too many locations to visit and simply requires too much time but the Home Option Gallery alleviates these issues and makes the process easy and stress free. Building is no longer a major interruption to your day to day life.

Mr Singh says “The great appeal of the Home Option Gallery is that it really is as its name suggests – a Gallery of quality services and products, many of which are on display for you to see and choose from. The range is excellent and diverse enough to suits all sorts of styles and you don’t need to blow the budget to have quality”