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Save $299* off your annual home energy bill

News headlines persistently nominate rising electricity prices as a major concern for families juggling their household budgets. With a looming carbon tax expected to make electricity prices even more expensive, it makes sense to seek guaranteed advice on how to take control of your bills now.

Most of us have no true idea of the major contributors to our home energy consumption and therefore cannot work out why our electricity bills end up so high. What does it really cost to run our pools, air-conditioners, computers and televisions?

For Dural residents Glenn and Geraldine Cherrie, it was time to take action when their quarterly household electricity bills were regularly in the thousands and a quick internet search led them to a local business, Frys Energywise.

Frys EnergywiseFrys Energywise is an expert in energy efficiency and conduct home assessments to assist homeowners in analyzing their energy consumption and identify actions that, when implemented, will reduce their electricity bills.

Ian Fry, Principal of Frys Energywise, met with the Cherries in their home to better understand their lifestyle and energy use, before providing a detailed Energy Assessment of their home and how their energy was being consumed. The report itemized their consumption and listed a number of recommendations that would lead to a reduced energy bill.

According to Mr Cherrie, he and his wife had a vague idea that their problem was related to lifestyle but it was not until Mr Fry provided his analysis of their bills that they realized how big a problem it really was.

For example, Mr Fry was able to identify that their ensuite and main bathroom accounted for 32% of their quarterly electricity bills, mainly due to the unmanaged use of heated towel rails and underfloor heating. Mr Fry recommended timers be installed in order to dramatically reduce the energy consumed in these rooms.

“It was time for us to implement some simple lifestyle changes that would result in considerable savings,” said Mr Cherrie.

“We now look forward to opening our next electricity bill to see the actual savings we have achieved. We expect the cost of the Energy Assessment conducted by FRYS will be easily recovered in the first bill.”

The offer...

Frys Energywise is now offering homeowners a guaranteed refund of its Energy Assessment fee if the cost of their annual energy consumption is not reduced by the equivalent amount, following the implementation of its recommendations. The Energy Assessment fee is $199 for units and $299 for homes (acreage properties are POA). Further information ~ please call Ian Fry on 0433 466 755
Frys Energywise has a range of energy products and services available to help reduce energy consumption. Visit the website to book your guaranteed assessment or phone 02 9899 2825.

* For homes only