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Find your perfect colour scheme

Exploring new colour trends and themes. Every season, new colour trends and themes emerge from the woodwork that entice men and women across Australia to revamp their homes.

This Winter, the Taubmans Colour Studio has done the hard work for you to ensure you’re equipped to make the right decisions when it comes to selecting the colours and paint for your home this season.

They have created four colour trends that are guaranteed to help transform your home to the haven you desire, while also ensuring you only need to do the job once.

Taubmans EndurePaint is not just about Colour - it’s also about quality. You need to make sure the paint you are using delivers superior stain resistance and scrubability, as well as being available in a large range of colours to liven and revitalize your home.

Taubmans Endure is a range of superior performing paints engineered with NanoguardTM. It has an interlocking molecular structure making it harder for dirt and stains to penetrate the surface of the paint, helping your walls look fresher for longer.

Taubmans colour palette


The canvas colour palette is composed of soulful dark colours such as deep grey-browns and grey-blues which are then contrasted with beige and chalky white. This colour scheme conveys a calm and minimalistic setting, evoking a sense of space.
Try Taubmans Endure Violet Stone, Ash Violet, Coffee Cup, Stone Dab or Crisp White to help you conjure a more calming and relaxing mood, making it the perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day.


Serene, elegant and sophisticated, the Grace Trend colour palette combines deep bronze-gold with sea foam blue-green, creating a feeling of livable grandeur.
To achieve this graceful look use Taubmans Endure Cider Toddy, Sea Sprite, Cornmeal and Crumb Cookie.

Pink City

Exotic, mysterious and eclectic, this colour palette is a testament to the power of creativity and the allure of of warm, saturated colours.
Ranging from vibrant pinks to spicy rusty oranges that are played against an off-white linen white, stony greys and chocolate browns – reflecting an urban and edgy look.
To achieve this look try Taubmans Endure Red Heart, Buffalo Brown, Tango Tan, Dream Cloud and Willow Gum combinations.


This is a fashionable, playful and sassy palette scheme. Zest will revamp a home’s interior and would suit homeowners who are not afraid of making a bold statement. Zest is a tribute to the style of Palm Springs circa 1950s as well as drawing inspiration from the 70s and early 80s.
The Zest palette is composed of a high energy yellow and a pure white that is fresh and bright. Pair these with a steely grey, pale grey and a sleek black that leaves boring far behind.
To achieve this look try Taubmans Endure Gold Banana, Grey Castle, Mission Brown, Solitude and Grey Sky combinations.