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Summer warmth all year round

IT’s winter, it’s cold and damp, misty and foggy... Except in a bathroom that has an Airflow Sunshine 3-in-1 model. This innovative product provides your bathroom with fresh air, bright light and gentle radiant heat in one compact and stylish design.

Airflow Sunshine bathroom heaters are designed and manufactured in Australia. Safe, clever and subtle in design, they add comfort to any ensuite or family bathroom. No need to get out of the shower and be hit with cold winter air, foggy mirrors and poor lighting. With the Sunshine 3-in-1 model, your bathroom becomes a room of luxury and supreme comfort. Of course you don’t have to use all three functions but the fact they are all located in one unit, makes life easy. Space in a bathroom is limited so the multipurpose 3-in-1 means you don’t have to sacrifice one feature for another.

The two heat lamp model is appropriate for most ensuites, while the four heat lamp is the popular choice for main bathrooms. Both models have heat resistant ceramic lamp holders and an all metal body and for added safety, the exhaust fan automatically turns off whenever the heat lamps are in use to prevent heat build-up. There are choices in the four lamp and the two lamp range that cater even more specifically for different room sizes and ceiling heights.

Airflow Sunshine bathroom heater Airflow even has solutions for really tight places with side connected flexible ducting on the Sunshine models. This extracts steam and air outside preventing moisture damage.

Each model comes complete with a Clipsal 2000 Series switch plate with independent switching and is very economical to operate, even with all functions in use. Each model is supplied with a ventilation outlet designed for easy installation on walls or under eaves. Outlets can be fitted with insect screens, automatic shutters and fixed louvers.

The innovative Airflow Sunshine 3-in-1 takes bathroom luxury to a new practical level. No Point having a beautiful bathroom with expensive towels and the latest décor if it cannot be matched with comfort. The Airflow Sunshine provides the 5 star experience.