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What’s IN for tiles?

Di Lorenzo, the experts in tiles discuss the latest trends

Tile-tanic – big it seems is better

Tiles are bigger than ever and available in sizes never seen before. The latest size is 1200 x 1200mm and is proving to be a winning choice for large living areas or outdoor entertaining areas. These large tiles are ideal for alfresco areas where indoor/ outdoor rooms merge as one.

A tile range tipped to make a big impact is the Nera range, just released from Di Lorenzo direct form the manufacturer in Italy. What’s unique about this range is that it reflects the essence of natural lava stone and has an authentic natural appearance making it very appropriate for Australian homes. Nera has many size and colour options: 120x120cm, 60x120cm, 30x120 and 60x60cm are the main slabs from which smaller sizes are produced like mosaic, strips and decorations. Colours are rich in choice – from white to black, shades of brown and taupe and an array of natural hues to compliment the various demands of contemporary architectural design.

What makes this tile range so unique is the innovative manufacturing process that results in a stunning outcome: When this product is in the kiln, pieces of glass are dropped into the tiles which then explode and create an amazing appearance on the tile. These glass features are visible and reflect the light once the tiles are laid providing a very striking presentation. This product can be laid on the floor, wall or be a special feature around something like a fireplace or an external water feature. Suitable for internal and external requirements, Nera is the tile for now but with definite timeless appeal.

Mosaic magic

Mosaics are making a big return and are appearing on feature walls and even external cladding walls. In the past, these areas were usually covered with paint, wallpaper or some sort of stone but with mosaics now available in all sorts of colours and sizes, their use has broadened. They can be a wonderful feature themselves or be used to frame or draw attention to something like a wall inlay, foyer or outdoor landscape feature. Mosaics can have a rustic Mediterranean feel, a classic European look or a contemporary urban appeal. They suit a variety of rooms including bathrooms, ensuites, laundries, kitchens, living rooms and outdoor rooms.

Di Lorenzo, the experts in tiles When this product is in the kiln, pieces of glass are dropped into the tiles which then explode and create an amazing appearance on the tile

Replica stone reaches a standard better than the real thing

Stone and stone lookalike tiles continue to be very popular. They blend in with any style of home and architecture and never lose their appeal. There have always been replica stone tiles available, however today’s technology produces such excellent manufactured stone that telling the difference between what is natural stone and what isn’t, is very difficult, especially when laid. Di Lorenzo has an excellent range of replica stone in a variety of colours, shades and sizes. Natural stone is porous and needs to be sealed and over time the natural stone wears and staining can be a problem. However no maintenance is required for replica stone. It doesn’t require sealing and doesn’t stain. So the fact that it isn’t natural is actually an advantage.

Tiles (wall and floor) are an excellent lifestyle choice for today’s builders and renovators. There are more options available and something for every style of room. Di Lorenzo sources products from all over the world. Big or small, your tiles can make a bold statement or exude understated elegance. Visit the Di Lorenzo show room and be enthralled.